Industrial automation systems

Open Technologies offers services in industrial automation field. We work with a wide range of customers from Moscow and other Russian cities, as well as Belarus, Uzbekistan, Switzerland. We provide services on development and introduction of the following technical means complexes:

Automatic control systems (ACS):

  • IAS for energy facilities (APCS: boilers, turbines, electric equipment, frequency and power exchange monitoring systems, etc.);
  • IAS for metallurgy facilities (APCS: furnaces, boilers, rectifiers, etc.);
  • IAS for housing and utilities infrastructure;
  • vibromonitoring systems.

Automatic Dispatch and Technological Control System (ADTCS):

  • information collection and transfer systems (ICTS);
  • automated dispatching systems (ADS);
  • prefault information collection and transfer systems (PICTS);
  • transient mode monitoring systems (TMMS);
  • power equipment state monitoring.

Automated information and measuring systems (AIMS) (for power energy, heating energy, gas, water supply, sewage):

  • Automatic information and measuring systems for electric power revenue metering (AIMS EPRM);
  • Automatic information and measuring systems for electric power technical metering (AIMS EPTM).

The figure 1 shows total integration concept we use in many our solutions along with MESA International technologies.


First of all, industrial automation systems shall ensure high quality of operation results. For its construction Open Technologies widely uses hardware and software complexes by the leading world manufacturers: Siemens, GE, Allen-Bradley, Advantech, Iconics. Due to this we ensure reliability and faultless operation of industry automation systems.

Open Technologies offers the following services in the frames of creation of industry automation systems:

  • consulting;
  • audit;
  • development, installation and start-up works.

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