Complex Technical Support and IT-Outsourcing

To reduce risks of incidents and ensure immediate recovery of hardware and software complex operation including business applications you can use Complex technical support and IT-outsourcing service proposed by Open Technologies.

Technical support can be provided by our specialists any time even if the IT infrastructure is out of order at night, on week end or holiday. We also offer additional services aimed to protect corporate systems from dead time due to failures.


The service includes:

  • full recovery of systems after warranty incidents;
  • multi-vendor support of various types of hardware and software;
  • free consultations on setting of optimum support according to the client business tasks;
  • provision of services almost at the whole territory of the country;
  • project management by separate service manager;
  • strictly fixed expenses allowing to plan the budget.

Our services on complex technical support were already highly estimated by medium and large-scale companies for which operation of corporate IT services is a necessary condition of successful business.

Complex IT-outsourcing, when the majority of processes, resources and assets involved into operation of IT systems are transferred to external supplier thus allowing you to focus on solution of own business tasks reserving only functions of strategic management of IT system.

This allows releasing considerable financial and human resources, minimize technological and organizational risks. Vast expertise, qualification and experience of service provider will help to accelerate introduction of new products and services, will create basis for constant improvement of IT service quality necessary for the business.

Complex IT outsourcing is the optimum solution for large commercial and state geographically-distributed holdings striving to increase the business efficiency.

With complex IT outsourcing you can solve such tasks as:

  • reduction of costs for introduction and maintenance of business applications;
  • freedom from knowledge and experience of certain specialists in achievement of goals;
  • replenishment of lacking specialists to support business applications;
  • strengthening positions in regions by using outsourcer's possibilities;
  • control of continuous and effective work of business applications.

The complex outsourcing offered by Open Technologies includes:

  • preparation and conclusion of basic service contract containing detailed SLA levels;
  • inspection of customer's infrastructure and IT services;
  • transfer of customer's IT personnel and assets under the outsourcer's control;
  • transmission of IT services and projects from the customer to outsourcer;
  • transformation of customer's IT infrastructure;
  • control and provision of regular IT services;
  • further development and improvement of IT services.

Along with IT outsourcing we offer services on development of existing IT infrastructure, engineering systems and security systems as well as development and integration of customer's systems and business applications.

Open Technologies is a flexible technologically advanced company which can offer optimum variant of IT-outsourcing. If the complex outsourcing of IT function is not applicable due to certain reasons you can use services of functional outsourcing of IT-infrastructure or resource outsourcing. Moreover, we provide unique service for holdings and retail chains - outsourcing of geographically-distributed companies development.

Functional outsourcing includes:

  • pre-design inspection of dedicated IT infrastructure;
  • preparation and conclusion of basic service contract containing detailed SLA levels;
  • operation of separate IT infrastructures dedicated by the customer;
  • integration of operating organization into customer's technical support service.

The resource outsourcing includes:

  • pre-design inspection of acting resource model;
  • preparation and conclusion of basic service contract containing detailed SLA levels;
  • transfer of outsourcer's specialists into staff of the customer and organization of required competence without subcontructing;
  • integration of the best industry practices of the outsourcer company and operating competence of the customer, regular advanced trainings for specialists.

Outsourcing of geographically-distributed companies’ development includes:

turn-key office moving;

migration of IT systems (audit of existing systems, analysis of possibilities of new infrastructure, preparation and implementation of migration plan, analysis of results);

turn-key design and construction of regional offices, representative offices, outlets (search of the site, design, reconstruction and rearrangement, finishing works, utility networks and connections, turn key design and mounting of IT systems).

  • Our company uses ITIL/ITSM methodology and the best software solutions to control outsourced business processes on maintenance of IT assets and services. Open Technologies multi-functional call center is automated at Alcatel platform. Receipt of service requests is made by e-mail, telephone, fax and web-interface.
  • Efficiency of the solutions offered by our company is proved by long-term and successful cooperation with large industrial, telecommunication and energy companies and state establishments of Russia. We helped many of them to reduce costs of maintenance of existing IT infrastructure, ensure continuous work of information services and organize opportune introduction of new technologies and solutions in conditions of the company business development.