Open Technologies was founded in 1994 by former graduates of the Institute of Fine Mechanics and IT Equipment (IFMITE) at the Academy of Science of the USSR. Back in early 90s Sergey Vladimirovich Kalin, the founder and current president of Open Technologies, was developing the domestic super computer Elbrus-2 for the Institute. In the first year the personnel of the company included just 17 people. Today it employs 500 people.

The first project dealt with creation of computer centers and data processing centers mainly for bank structures, as IT decisions in that sector were in the highest demand at that moment. Gradually, the company expanded the range of it services, began building enterprise data networks, both local and geographically distributed ones. These projects predetermined our penetration to the regions. The organization set up a service center and afterwards such practice turned out successful in the regions. Today, a large share of business is constituted by service.

The company offers complex management of geographically-distributed projects nationwide as general contractor. It means that it provides for development and implementation of the project plan, coordinates the work of various executors, monitors the compliance with uniform technical policy and uniform concept of project management, maintains control over operational quality.

Open Technologies is a close-knit team of professionals. Adherence to principles and our strong sides including customer success assistance, commitment to innovations, optimization, responsibility for the final result and openness made us one of the biggest IT companies in Russia.