Service center contacts



8 800 200 0877 (free for all regions of Russia, multichannel, 24-hour);

(495) 787-08-77 (multichannel, 24-hour).

Fax: (495) 363-63-84 (From 9:30 to 18:30)

The order of rendering services

While addressing the Service Center for the reasons of problems with software and hardware, please follow these rules:

1. Only the authorized representatives of the customer mentioned in service contract are served.

2. While addressing the center please specify basic information necessary for the service to be performed:

  • Exact name of the organization;
  • Equipment type and serial number1 or software name and version;
  • Short problem summary;
  • Severity of the problem, priority:
    • P1, total loss of function;
    • P2, partial loss of function;
    • P3, insignificant loss of function;
    • P4, consultation.

3. The dispatcher of the service center will receive your call and register your application for service.

4. Depending on the conditions of the contract and problem severity, the dispatcher will either pass your call to charge service engineer or provides for a return specialist call within a particular timeframe.

5. The engineer will make a primary problem diagnostics by phone and that will propose a plan of further action.

The specialists of the Service Center will do their utmost to manage your problem at any stage of application.

1 Should any difficulties with ESN search arise, contact the Service Center.