Showcase for backing up and restoring data (EMC BRS)

The showcase functions on the basis of the company’s Solution Center. Its creation was prompted by a new cycle in the development of reserve copy and database restoration technologies observed during the last years and high levl of interest of the customers in these technologies.

The technological basis of the showcase includes the products of the leading data solutions producer of EMC corporation, that is the products of Backup and Recovery Solutions line. They allow modeling solutions in the following fields:

  • reserve copying and data restoration (including classical methods, snapshots and clones of data storage volumes;
  • deduplication in storage systems and specialized subsystems;
  • use of virtual library as environment for reserve data;
  • extended monitoring, analysis and generation of reports for heterogeneous infrastructure of reserve data copying
  • integration with virtual media

Now the specialists of Open Technologies can not only use the best reserve copying and data restoration solution to the customer, but also crates it model and demonstrate it in act.

The availability of showcases provides for a new level of quality in implementing best data storage projects and guaranteed execution of reserve copying operations.