Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of OPEN TECHNOLOGIES 98 CJSC makes party of its total development strategy. The personnel of the Company and outsourced specialists shall abide by this document in their activities and decisions.

Our goal is to be a reliable and convenient partner and supplier of IT services, professional, innovative and high-tech company, the leader among the domestic companies offering similar services and solutions to the market.

In order to achieve its goal the company adheres to the following principles in its activity:

  • securing high reliability and quality of jobs and services;
  • establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relations with suppliers and partners;
  • individual approach to every customer, preservation of regular customers and attracting new ones by competitive products and services;
  • fulfillment of contract obligations
  • regular personnel training, competence development in the selected fields

The administration of the Company assumes responsibility for Quality Policy and fulfillment of the following obligations:

  • regular analysis of the company’s key business processes for their updating, raising the efficiency and improvement of quality.
  • provision of high interaction level between various company subdivisions
  • maintenance of efficient organizational structure
  • supporting high level of business culture and performance discipline in the company, cultivating attentive and good willing attitude of personnel to the customers
  • clear understanding and strict compliance with the Quality policy by the personnel at all levels and in all subdivisions;
  • compliance of quality management system with the established requirements and regular enhancement of their productivity

The employees of the company personally take part in pursuit of the objective set for the Company. The quality of decisions and services, the image of organization among the clients and partners and their trust to us depend on their efforts.