Services for Retail Trade Enterprises

Retail trade is one of the most dynamically developing segments of the Russian market. Against the background of positive macroeconomic trends structural changes of the industry persist: the share of unorganized commerce reduces, positions of large chain operators improve. The trade networks extend due to mergers and takeovers, flow to regions. The industry heavy growth is accompanied by increased competition, and to achieve success in the struggle it is necessary to react promptly to market changes, use innovative management methods impossible without information technologies.

Development of large retail trade chains is characterized by:

  • wide range of goods and necessity to preserve low prices;
  • large number of territorially distributed outlets of different formats and square, with local range of goods, pricing and different planograms;
  • integration and consolidation of organizational structures, operation management;
  • centralized decision making and strict compliance with corporate standards;
  • communication and data transmission problems in regions;
  • HR problems, high labor fluctuations;
  • fast growth and extension of trade chains;
  • appearance of dominating trade companies and their ability to preserve the leadership.

Today's large retail chain shall:

  • have flexible structure and ensure decrease of strategic asset alienation risk;
  • combine advantages of vertical and horizontal integration consolidating revenue mass at the business founders;
  • act as attractive investment object for external investors and ensure effective investment of the trade capital;
  • have potential of territorial trade activity extension and tools for integration into regional infrastructure;
  • introduce innovative information technologies into trade process.

Open Technologies created Center of solutions for trade sector enterprises.

Its mission is to provide professional expertise and create industry innovation solutions assisting in the customer's business growth, competitive growth, maximum process transparency, pricing optimization and, consequently, client loyalty improvement.

The Center develops solutions both for small outlets and large supermarket chains, chains with remote warehouses and outlets. Their application will allow trade enterprises to solve tasks of management, warehousing and accounting in optimum way; supply chain management, demand and order planning; automation of trade, processing and services; will help to assess interactions with clients.

Choosing open standards, high performance servers, data storage systems, innovative communication technologies, software complying with today's requirements as a basis for solutions Open Technologies ensures creation and assistance of reliable fault-safe information infrastructures for trade enterprises of any size.

We have vast experience in the field of designing, construction and upgrading of IT infrastructure of the largest Russian and foreign trade companies, development, introduction, integration and service support of state-of-the-art information systems and applications which:

  • automate and optimize business processes, management and decision making processes based on the best industry practices;
  • support all processes ensuring the business performance;
  • guarantee the company business process and information transparency;
  • optimize pricing and control proceeds;
  • integrate strategy planning tools with key performance indicators (KPI) to control correspondence of the developed strategy development;
  • significantly facilitate new outlet opening procedure due to introduction of product mixes according to trade facility categories allowing using similar practices and experience accumulated by other trade points;
  • provide with important competitive advantages;
  • allow to understand customers and provide them with unique possibilities;
  • increase revenues and clients' loyalty.

Open Technologies offers solutions for retail enterprises allowing them to:

  • solve and optimize tasks of management, warehousing and accounting, achieve accurate finance management;
  • cover all cycle of value added creation;
  • ensure business process continuity, necessary performance to introduce ERP and other special systems by creating fail-safe high performance IT infrastructure;
  • use systems of internal advertisement and information at the workstations, terminals and TV panels in sales area;
  • unify portal, extranet, catalogs, supply chains and supply channels to ensure B2B interaction;
  • introduce collaboration planning allowing attracting all trade partners to interaction (for example, at the stages of forecast, promotion and new product launch); these solutions involve electronic document management systems, business activity monitoring systems, B2B tools.

Below one can see the list of just several solutions:

  • Labeling solutions, bar code application, RFID
  • Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)
  • POS-terminals, trade equipment
  • Front office solutions
  • RSA enVision event correlation systems
  • Integrated security systems
  • IT support of outlet opening
  • Solutions for subsidiaries
  • Portals
  • ERP
  • Data Processing Centers
  • Application integration
  • Engineering infrastructure
  • Corporate networks, IT service management
  • Service and support
  • Management consulting

With these IT solutions you will be able to:

  • reduce logistics costs (reduce current stocks and increase supply frequency to extend the outlet square and enhance business revenues);
  • reduce costs of stock inventory accounting and delivery of new orders and expenses connected with inventory accounting, losses not connected with labor (for example, goods spoilage after expiry date, etc.);
  • enhance performance as a result of the labor change (for example, using of bar codes for inventory recording);
  • improve performance of asset use;
  • enhance performance and labor efficiency (for example, electronic schedule allows better comparison of labor demand and supply in the outlet at every moment).

In creation of solutions for retail chains we base on the following priorities:

  • solutions for all retail segments, industry expertise;
  • integration from Point-Of-Sale-terminal to Point-Of-Services - a change of paradigm from point of sales to self-service point;
  • growth and value system: consumers - retailers - vendors;
  • clients' personal satisfaction - understanding of their needs, preferences and financial possibilities and triggers of different target audience segments;
  • interaction management and provision of information;
  • strategy partnership with customers;
  • reputation reliability and professionalism, HP, Novell, IBM, Oracle, Retail Competence centers;
  • ISO9001:2000 quality management system, management bodies licensing, competence of the world leading vendors;
  • technical support and service center;
  • industry traditions and innovations.

Open Technologies is a bona fide partner. This is confirmed by the large number of regular customers - small trade companies as well as global corporations.

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