Services for Hotel Enterprises

Open Technologies offers complex InterOTel solution to automate operation of hotel enterprises and management companies. The solution implies full automation of organizations starting with engineering and technical supplies of every individual hotel and finishing with unification of the hotel management network.

InterOTel solution allows automation of the following activities of the company operating the hotel complexes:

  • purchase management;
  • contract management:
  • reservation management;
  • service management;
  • additional service management.


The solution includes:

  • analytical system (Oracle Business Intelligence)

Oracle Business Intelligence is the integrated package of products developed to satisfy fast growing information demands of small and large enterprises. Oracle Business Intelligence is aimed to guarantee operation of corporate solutions for the new class business analytics. This complex set of analytical tools ensures unified output of corporate information from various sources, unified data model, full real-time access to information, better vision and understanding of business and helps to make management decisions on the basis of full information about the company activity. Oracle Business Intelligence can be used to collect and process information at the level of operating company as well as at the level of individual hotel.

  • corporate portal

The corporate portal allows publication of general information about the company, decisions made, development plans, news and other information connected with the company activities. The portal ensures information support of the company employees, organization of team work and interaction of remote work teams.

  • Call Center

Call-Center is an effective tool of interactive communication of operating company and clients helping it to ensure more consistent and professional interaction with clients using any type of communication, including telephone, email, wireless devices, personal communication and Internet. Call-Center allows increasing the level of clients' satisfaction, reducing costs of every contact and enhancing business performance.

  • complex hotel management system

Complex hotel management system is based on Hotel 2.3 program solution for hotel complexes allowing managing:

  • marketing and reservations;
  • reception and accommodation service;
  • settlement operations with guests;
  • maid service;
  • engineering service;
  • information service unit;
  • development and printing of reports.

Along with Hotel 2.3 the complex hotel management system includes:

  • access limitation and control system;
  • Internet booking system;
  • accounting and financial analysis system;
  • catering facility management system;
  • internal cashless settlement system;
  • phone call tariffication and mini telephone exchange management systems;
  • paid television system;
  • energy saving system.
  • hardware

Hardware means the hardware complex (software and hardware platforms) aimed to support information systems work, corresponding documentation of the hardware and technological processes. Hardware includes all computers, collection, accumulation, processing, transfer and information output devices, data transmission and communication line devices, office appliances and automatic information reading devices, operation materials, etc.

  • engineer support

Engineer support includes uninterrupted power supply systems, air conditioning systems, fire fighting systems, structured cabling system, microcellular communication systems, alarm and evacuation systems, community television and radio reception systems, local area network, video projection and sound amplification systems and other environmental support systems.


InterOTel complex solution offered by Open Technologies will allow the customer a turn-key automation of individual hotel and hotel complex comprising operating company and includes engineering, hardware, software corresponding today’s business requirements.

Open Technologies has all necessary intellectual and industrial recourses to solve complex tasks of hotel enterprises automation. Our service package includes pre-design inspection, system development and design, integration and interfacing with existing information infrastructure, installation and execution of acceptance tests as well as service and technical support, providing optimal and continuous work of the system.