High Performance Computing Systems

High Performance Computing Systems, HPC (High Performance Computing) or supercomputers is optimum solution for certain tasks.

Among them:

  • engineering structure designing, building designing;
  • designing of cars, vessels and aircrafts;
  • designing of electronic and semiconductive devices;
  • computational fluid dynamics (CFD);
  • modeling of atmosphere and World ocean, weather forecasts;
  • geological surveys;
  • various mathematical physics tasks;
  • astrophysics and space research;
  • molecular sciences, genetics;
  • modeling in medicine, including ASPDC;
  • development of drugs;
  • parallel DBMS, electronic commerce and information systems;
  • virtual reality and visualization, image processing;
  • nuclear power energetics;
  • military tasks;
  • training complexes;
  • on-board, integrated systems, real-time systems;
  • financial analysis, stock machines, etc.

Open Technologies has been working on construction of supercomputers from 2000 and offers both classic solutions based on standard architecture servers and more effective hybrid supercomputers.

We provide services on:

  • construction of hybrid supercomputers;
  • supplies of standard configuration hybrid supercomputers;
  • modernization of classic structure supercomputers;
  • organization of engineering infrastructure with due account of supercomputer requirements;
  • organization of monitoring and control system for high performance complex;
  • trainings for users.

Successful construction and operation of supercomputer is ensured by Open Technologies advantages, such as:

  • customized designing;
  • special attention to information protection of the solution;
  • possibility to construct solution of any difficulty and performance;
  • execution of the whole range of works (service development and feasibility study of its introduction, designing of technological solution, hardware and software supplies, installation and construction works, commissioning, organization of required engineering infrastructure at the supercomputer installation site);
  • own service center: advanced support of installed solution (including outsourcing);
  • high competence level on solutions of the world leading manufacturers of hardware and software confirmed by corresponding partner statuses of our company;
  • offices in many Russian regions;
  • execution of works on the basis of industry regulatory documents, GOST, all necessary licenses and certificates available;
  • Competency Center and laboratory to emulate solutions where specialists receive trainings on programming and program code optimization for GPU computations and solve issues on adaptation of existing software to work with hybrid high performance platform.

Our customers include:

  • Joint Supercomputer Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (the second line in Top50 rating of supercomputers, 16th edition, spring 2012)
  • Central Research Institute of Chemistry and Mechanics
  • Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the Ural Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences (the fifth line in Top50 rating of supercomputers, 16th edition, spring 2012)
  • Tumen State University
  • Izhevsk Oil Research Center
  • Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University n.a. V. P. Astafiev

Open Technologies has licenses of the Federal Security Service of Russia, including license for works connected with use of information comprising state secret which allowed it to receive experience in implementation of large projects in state bodies.

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