VDI solutions

Open Technologies offers to its customers building infrastructure solutions based on thin client. Typically, this decision is based on terminal access of multi-user operating system, or solution desktop virtualization (VDI) focused on office and corporate business applications.

Until recently, in order to centralize complex remote jobs for professionals working with intense 3D graphics you needed special approaches, products and technologies, which often have been associated with desktop virtualization. This made each project unique, requiring special consideration and as a consequence, time-consuming, complex and expensive. However, our specialists are constantly analyzing the proposals of the leading hardware and software manufacturers and at the moment we can confidently assert that necessary tools to build the infrastructure of virtual desktops to work with 3D graphics – have appeared.

Solutions on their basis, have not only been tested in the laboratory of the Open Technologies Competence Center recognized, but have been also implemented by our specialists in a number of large organizations.

Primarily, the task of building a virtual infrastructure of working places is relevant for designers working with CAD packages such as CAD-CAM-CAE, it can also turn out to be interesting for design studios, multimedia, etc.

The organization of workplaces thus will allow to solve the following tasks:

- to protect the intellectual property handled in the workplace;

- to increase the utilization of resources, efficient use of equipment and software;

- to improve the availability of information services, to prepare for the situation when due to the breakage of workplace the urgent project is suspended for a long, sometimes unpredictable time;

- to organize remote collaboration between users that not only allows to consolidate computing resources inside a single Data Center and also to recruit specialists from outside agencies if necessary;

- to reduce operating costs for maintenance and support of working places;

- to ensure the efficient and convenient management of spread IT-infrastructure;

- to increase the flexibility of the workplace, the ability to connect to your workplace from any  device for realization of the BYOD concept (Bring Your Own Device).

The peculiarities of working places lie in the fact that their applications require processing of 3D images using OpenGL and DirectX, as well as solving problems of high computational complexity, for which the local workplaces acceleration was used based on the instructions in CUDA and OpenCL. Now both of these tasks are successfully solved in the virtual workplace by applying NVIDIA GRID. In addition to that, now it becomes possible not only to work in a virtual workplace with 3D graphics, but also to obtain the acceleration while solving the computational problems.

Open Technologies is ready to offer you building and pilot testing of complex workplaces with your applications at our stand created in the Open Technologies Competence Center. It is possible both to organize remote access to this stand through the Internet or to conduct a local testing in the projection room, equipped with the thin clients from different vendors.

Open Technologies is a certified partner of the leading hardware and software manufacturers. The package of company services includes pre-design inspection, design and preliminary testing of technical solutions, installation and carrying out of acceptance tests, integration with existing information infrastructure, service support and monitoring - all the necessary range of services to ensure optimal and uninterrupted operation of all IT-systems.

When building the infrastructure of virtual desktops  with 3D graphics, we are ready to offer:

- construction of a consolidated set of virtual workstations for CAD and other software packages with 3D graphics, taking into account the specifics of your enterprise;

- the highest possible use of the resources: the resource usage of GPU for visualization for speeding up of calculations;

- integration with existing enterprise information systems;

- ensuring investment protection in existing complexes of automatic workstation and Data Center;

- ensuring a high degree of scaling of the complex in future;

- provision of a single set of automatic workstation for "heavy" automatic workstations and workstations for office applications.


- the design is tailored to the individual requirements of our customers;

- special attention is paid to the information security of the solution;

- the possibility of building solutions of any complexity and performance;

- performance of all complex of works (development of technical specifications, design of technological solutions, delivery of equipment and software, assembly works, commissioning, building of necessary IT-infrastructure);

- training of customers’ specialists on working with created solution;

- advanced support of installed solutions (including outsourcing);

- the availability of all necessary certificates and licenses;

- high partner statuses of all leading manufacturers of hardware and software, including manufacturers of thin clients and virtualization technologies;

- a network of regional offices.

You can send your request for the development and implementation of solutions for desktop virtualization for your organization to the address - nplatova@ot.ru .