Competence center for technology Hewlett-Packard


The principal objective of Hewlett-Packard Solution Center created by Open Technologies is provision of a wide range of Hewlett-Packard technology services and solutions to the customers.

The Solution Center is equipped with modern Hewlett-Packard server platforms based on RISC architecture or x86 architecture as well as software products of HP Open View. The showcases have already been created in the following fields: "Data Procession Centers", "Enterprise Management Systems".

Open Technologies holds regular seminars for its customers on Hewlett-Packard technologies, presentations and demonstrations of the proposed solutions. Such format of cooperation provides the customers of Open Technologies with an opportunity to study various technologies on Hewlett-Packard platform.

  • based on Data Processing Centers showcase with a concept of presenting computer services similar to the organization of utility services (Adaptive Enterprise);
  • based on IT Services Systems Management (ITSM) showcase with network infrastructure management systems, server complexes management, security systems for
  • based on Enterprise Management System (EBR) showcase withy all functions and opportunities of EBR systems.
  • based on Information Security showcase information security events management systems, internal network and network perimeter security systems and highly productive cryptographic gateway.

The Hewlett-Packard Technologies Solution Center is engaged in implementation of projects in various industries and offers to the customers of Open Technologies such opportunities as:

  • customized solutions modeling
  • recommendations for bottleneck handling
  • testing solutions at various platforms of Hewlett-Packard (RISC and x86), choosing the best solution;
  • transfer of inherited applications to Hewlett-Packard platform
  • risk minimization via early management of interoperability problems;
  • solution quality and reliability enhancement

The Hewlett-Packard Technologies Solution Center is aimed at raising level of customer satisfaction. The solution center allows providing reliable and large-scale solutions. .

Learn more about the Solution Center solutions testing and demonstrations by phone +7(095)787-70-27 or e-mail: