Infrastructure and application software

For over 18 years development of infrastructure and application software remains one of the leading fields of Open Technologies. For these years we have accumulated vast experience in implementation of projects which require nonstandard creative approach, fast development in new subject fields and innovative technologies and researches in knowledge-intensive fields.

The main fields of our business include:

  • Business process automation systems and integration solutions
  • Data control and analysis systems
  • Workflow automation
  • Mobile application development
  • Customized software

Along with the aforementioned Open Technologies offers the following additional services:

  • Sales of licensed software
  • Technical personnel outstaffing to solve urgent incidents connected to functioning of client's information systems
  • Audit of existing information systems, consultations on various technical issues, for example, performance analysis, search of "narrow" points and development of performance enhancement plans
  • Technical assistance and support of customer's information systems developed by the third party and, due to various reasons, left without corresponding technical support
  • Development of introduced information systems according to new customer's business requirements or changing legislation

We provide management of the whole information system creation life cycle, including:

  • Full-scale inspection of the customer's company, preparation of technical and commercial quotation, formation of development concept
  • Preparation of technical specification for information system development and introduction
  • Creation of description for business processes to be automated
  • Design, development and testing of information systems
  • Integration of information solution with corresponding customer's software systems
  • Deployment and putting information systems into operation
  • Providing warranty support of the systems introduced
  • Technical support and assistance for solutions introduced, system and application administration, operation monitoring
  • Document record of the developed software products
  • Organization and conduction of trainings both for client's technical personnel and final users of the information system

Approaches and practices used in project management are based on national and international project management standards (ICB, PMBOK), process quality standards (ISO, ITSM, CMM), special methods of customized software development (RUP, MSF) allowing us to guarantee high quality of federal-scale project implementation.

The whole project activity of Open Technologies is standard and includes the following stages:

  • inspection of automation object and development of requirements for the system;
  • technical design;
  • system development and testing including integration with external information systems;
  • system introduction and trainings for users;
  • operational test;
  • assistance, follow-up revision and further information system development.

The developed solutions are coordinated with the customer and recorded in documents on the basis of GOST, series 19 and 34, RUP and client's corporate standards. High quality and result predictability is guaranteed by active attraction of customer's representatives to work at all project stages: to discuss requirements, review systems prototypes, operation tests and industry operation.

Our specialists follow the industry development trends in corresponding technological fields. Analyzing customer's functional requirements to the system created we base on both our own and global experience, best practices, current trends and software of the leading world manufacturers.

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