Portable Data Processing Centers

Constant growth of the number of computing equipment provided deficit of space and energy, necessity of fast deployment of IT infrastructure at the new enterprise subdivision or extension of the existing division possibilities, provision of IT infrastructure operation at temporary spaces, need to cut operation costs, specific tasks of geographically distributed enterprises - these are the prerequisites to construction of portable data processing center.

Open Technologies provides services on creation of portable data processing center, a hardware and software complex used to receive, store, process and transmit information in the interests of consumer with full-fledged infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted autonomous operation and protection against adverse environmental factors.

The PDPC base includes multifunctional construct based on ISO-container of certain climate version having life support system and IT-equipment. This construct is made on the basis of standard ISO-container. If necessary, the standard container can be replaced by customized construct of the similar form-factor to work in special conditions (extreme climate conditions, increased physical protection level, etc.). Depending on manufacturer, scale, customer's requirements, the PDPC can be located in one container divided into sections (computing equipment section, DGS section, electric equipment section, cooler section) and in several containers (DPC container and provision container).

The PDPC engineer infrastructure is a special countertype of fixed DPC infrastructure. It includes a complex of engineering systems:

  • systems of general, guaranteed and uninterrupted power supply;
  • precision conditioning and ventilation system;
  • security system complex;
  • automated monitoring and control system;
  • cable connections;
  • sealed lead-in;
  • installation constructs for computing equipment.

The portable DPC engineer infrastructure components are chosen on the basis of their compact dimensions, reliability and possibility of autonomous operation.

PDPC technical architecture consists of the DPC computing and telecommunication equipment, data storage system. The PDPC can also act as a base for cellular communication base stations, repeater and regeneration communication stations, ground satellite communication stations, ground control stations, portable measurement systems, laboratories, etc.

Advantages of the portable data processing centers:

  • Portability

Satisfying need in IT infrastructure where necessary, not where due conditions are ensured. PDPC can be transported to any part of the world with standard container shipping not attracting specialized transport enterprises and will be commissioned in the shortest possible time. The PDPC (with integrated conditioning system) requires only flat surface, power supply or fuel for power unit. If necessary, the PDPC can be initially integrated with automobile chassis and adapted for long and frequent shipment.

  • Reduced creation time

Availability of ready-made solutions at the PDPC manufacturers, possibility of serial production, assembly and tests at the factories, minimum requirements to site preparation lead to significant reduction of time for PDPC delivery and installation as compared to fixed centers. There is no or significantly smaller number of such conventional stages as the DPC engineer infrastructure design, approval of design solutions in regulatory bodies, construction, operation tests.

  • Investment saving

The PDPC requires minimum investment into preparation of location site and creation of engineer infrastructure. While the transmission of the fixed DPC infrastructure to new facility requires radical changes and additional time and money spending the PDPC infrastructure in this case remains unchanged.

  • Operation expense saving

The PDPC can be located at sites with low rent price (warehouses, open spaces) and excessive power supply (industry sites) releasing expensive square of business centers and commercial DPCs usually lacking power supplies.

  • Reliability

The PDPC is initially protected against external adverse factors such as leakages, extreme temperatures, fire, dust, falling pieces. The PDPC engineer infrastructure is, as a rule, created with N+1 and over backup schemes. The PDPCs of the leading manufacturers are tested to be operated in various conditions and checked for component compatibility, are equipped with engineer infrastructure monitoring and control systems helping to prevent emergency situations and reduce response time in case of their occurrence.

Open Technologies' specialists will help you to choose optimum solution facing individual company needs, provide space preparation for installation of PDPC, will execute start-up works and take care about further PDPC service support.