Complex Solutions in IP Telephony

The field connected with systems of packet telephony and video-applications based on IP networks is one of the actively developing directions of state-of-the-art telecommunication industry. This contributes to process of constant emergence of new applications, new functional possibilities which require flexible adaptation of network infrastructure to changing needs without cardinal reconstruction of the network.

Open Technologies offers complex solutions in IP telephony allowing to construct state-of-the-art telephone network of a company consisting of several dozen users in a small business or remote office of corporation up to several thousand subscribers in the distributed network of a large company. Option of the solution includes organization of video telephony network which can be a part of corporate converged telephone system.

Advantages of IP telephony:

  • First of all, low cost of calls.
  • Due to the fact that IP telephony uses data transfer network there is no need to have two independent networks which finally decreases expenses for the infrastructure maintenance and support.
  • IP telephony offers a vast choice of brand new services on the basis of which integrated IP communication solutions can be organized:
    • interactive voice menu system;
    • call center;
    • telephone and video conferences;
    • unified messages;
    • roaming system and other solutions.
  • IP protocol is widely used and is an international standard of data transfer network construction. That is why recently lots of solutions appeared focused on this technology.

Open Technologies experts have all required resources, solutions and qualification to ensure effective high-end implementation of projects of any degree of complexity for organizations of any size. Moreover, the company has own Competency Center allowing our customers to execute complex testing of proposed solutions and assess efficiency of their use.