Internet Access Protection

Protection of email against Viruses and SPAM

Nowadays electronic exchange of messages became a dominating form of business communication in majority of companies. Development of electronic mailing systems, in its turn, is accompanied with constantly growing number of threats which, first of all, include virus onslaughts, unsolicited bulk messages (spam), information theft, and unauthorized use of email.

Open Technologies offers integrated solutions based on hardware and software complexes as a protection against viruses and spam requiring minimum financial and labor expenses. They combine several technologies:

Protection against spam

  • Reputation filtration. Ensures real-time threat assessment and identifies senders based on constantly updated reputation base.
  • Antispam filtration based on adaptive contextual scanning mechanisms.
  • Mail quarantine. Possibility to be administrated by the final user.

Protection against viruses

  • Proactive antivirus filtration. Identification and lock of viruses.
  • Antivirus scanning.
  • Mechanism of protection against zero-day-attacks.
  • Implementation of information security policies.
  • Provision of compliance to information security standards such as HIPAA, GLB, SOX, etc.

Mail authentication.

  • Domain keys technology. Providing integrity of mail messages on the basis of digital signature.
  • Protection against catalog attacks. Locking theft of information about internal directory structure.

Control functions

  • Powerful graphic tool controlling email protection system.
  • Centralized control system.
  • Monitoring and preparation of reports about mail threats - once and on schedule.

Advantages of the solution offered:

  • Safety and performance. Hardware and software complexes are effective in protection from Russian-language and graphic spam. Reputation filters alone ensure elimination of over 95% of spam.
  • This system shows one of the lowest percentages of false activation.
  • Easy to use. The devices are easily integrated into existing mailing infrastructure ensuring multi-level security. The system is very easy to install, set-up and support in future. Easiness to use and support leads to reduction of operation costs by 75%.

Introduction of protection against spam and viruses allows you:

  • to reduce losses of working time spent for mail reviews;
  • to protect mail traffic against viruses;
  • to reduce burdens of the internal mail servers;
  • to save the Internet traffic.

Protection against Web-threats

To solve task of protection against Web-threats, Open Technologies offers to use a solution of Web Security Gateway class. Along with web-caching, this device can ensure security upon access to Web resources.

Web Security Gateway shall work in one of the following modes:

  • Web Proxy. Transparent Proxy through Layer 4 Switch or WCCP Router or Forwarding Proxy mode is possible. This mode allows the device to lock access to hazard content;
  • L4 Traffic Monitor. This mode allows the device to ensure passive detection of malicious content and forbidden URLs.

The solution includes the following protection mechanisms:

  • Protocol block. The device allows blocking access for the following protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP. At this, the user addressing the forbidden protocol sees the notice page. Also it is possible to limit CONNECT method by the list of permissible ports. Other interesting possibility is limitation of User Agents used.
  • URL-filtration. Web Security Gateway allows filtration of user requests by URL. At this Monitor or Block actions are possible after check. The system has about 50 predefined categories and possibility to create new ones. The system includes function of automated URL base update.
  • Downloaded object block. Web access policy set at the device allows setting maximum size of downloaded file.
  • Web-reputation filters. They work similarly to reputation filters of spam protection, i.e. check web-server reputation in reputation base. Setting defines ranges of reputation estimate to be blocked, further request check, access to resource without checks.

Not all Web resources can be classified by the category base. It is also necessary to ensure dynamic categorization of Web-content. At this Web Security Gateway ensures accurate definition of Web 2.0 resources including blogs, social networks and the like with access limited by web-robots.

Anti-malware protection is ensured by technologies filtering malware both at the page and in files downloaded. This system ensures second level of control and possibility to block malware. These systems have integrated automated update functions.

Web-threat protection solution allows you to receive:

  • fast Web-proxy;
  • integrated L4 Traffic Monitor;
  • dynamic content analysis system;
  • IronPort Anti-Malware system to protect against Web threats;
  • control and accountability.