IT Infrastructure and IT Services Audit

It is recommended to audit information technologies before start-up of the infrastructure update project or beginning of new works, to assess the project efficiency, in case of errors in IT infrastructure operation or when willing to outsource the IT infrastructure.

Ordering service on expert assessment of the current IT infrastructure and services state in Open Technologies you will get the plan of performance enhancement and cutting of costs of the system operation.

This will result in:

  • more effective use of existing IT resources;
  • minimization of risks connected to use of IT;
  • understanding of narrow points and network sections or system able to result in instable operation;
  • delivery of the project implementation cost picture useful at the stage of decision-making about its startup;
  • delivery of professional recommendations about the equipment used and its settings.

Within IT infrastructure and IT service audit our company provides:

  • inventory accounting of the customer's IT assets;
    • analysis of documents provided by the customer, preparation of work schedule;
    • inspection of IT infrastructure to draw general inventory sheet and schemes of equipment location in racks;
    • inspection of network infrastructure, development of tables and logic commutation schemes of LAN and SAN equipment;
    • inspection of backup system, drawing the backup copying plan scheme;
    • inspection of domains;
    • inspection of connection to service providers, Internet, external networks;
    • equipment labeling (option);
    • preparation and delivery of the general IT infrastructure description.

The developed documented base of data about current state of IT assets will be a source for Service Desk and operating teams in case of further infrastructure maintenance.

  • inspection of hardware and software state:
    • hardware and software operability analysis;
    • development of faulty module list;
    • development of list of software to be upgraded;
    • estimation of costs of hardware and software operability recovery.

Inspection of the state is necessary before access of hardware and software to service. This is especially important when the contractor takes responsibilities on replacement of faulty components and software upgrade which requires interaction with software and hardware vendors. Access to after-sales service by the IT product manufacturers is generally possible in case of its good conditions. As a result of inspection of state you get estimation of costs of hardware and software operability recovery which allows elimination of unreasonable financial risks.

  • analysis of solutions, recommendations on IT infrastructure optimization/updating:
    • analysis of documents provided by the customer;
    • detection of narrow points reducing system performance;
    • development of a list of outdated software and hardware including those not supported by manufacturers;
    • delivery of recommendations on upgrading of hardware and software complex, configuration settings and data backup optimization.

As a rule, this service is provided after works on customer's IT infrastructure inventory check or in case if the updated documents about IT assets state are available. The service includes IT infrastructure structure performance assessment, development of proposals on its optimization or upgrading to improve fault-tolerance and enhance performance.

With IT audit provided by Open Technologies you will be sure in quality, performance and reliability of your infrastructure due to expert assessment of possible risks and recommendations on planning of budget for information system development.

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