Creation of corporative data transfer network

TGC-10 Client:
Open Technologies, Russian system integrator announced  about completion of corporative data transfer network for TGC-10 OJSC.

Open Technologies received  an opportunity of  implementing the project after winning a tender.

Before the project TGC-10 used outside networks for telematics  transfer and organization of information interaction  between its subdivisions.

The created data transfer networks were aimed at installation of informational systems necessary for the company's strategic objectives: sustainable development of TGC-10 OJSC,  provision of reliable and payable demand in heat and power for the short and long-term perspective.  

The specialists of the  system integrator had to  build a corporative network and technological data transfer network for  TGC-10, unify UATS telephone stations via IP network, modernize a system of  conference calls.  

The project included several stages

When the technological data was presented to the system operator, it built a highly reliable network of communication with regionjal dispatcher department (RDD). IT was made on the basis of rented TDM-channels. The aggregating user equipment was based on MUX ТRICOM multiplexers. The aggregation of communication channels was made via RAD DXC.  The protocols were configured specially for the demands of the energy industry after adaptation of the equipment.

A corporative network was created on the basis of nets of communications operators Trans-Telecom and Uralsviazinform OJSC. ON the last stage UATS were united via an IP network and the existing telephone equipment was moved from the central office to one of the branches.  After that the central office of TGC-10 was equipped with a wholesome IPTEL system.  And UATS of branches and subdivisions were switched to the ready voice gateways. The equipment of Cisco Systems was used to this end.

Then they settled the issues of quality in transferring voice traffic and faxes between the subdivisions of the corporative network. The Old system of UATS conference calls was replaced by Cisco MeetingPlace Express integrated with IPTEL system,

The main complexity was geographical distribution of the customer's subdivisions (they were located on 12 sites) and sophisticated composition of the existing equipment and communications channels.   During the project the specialists of Open Technologies had to integrate the UATS  of various producers  (Eriсsson, Panasonic, Avaya, Kvant-е, Corall)  with the equipment of IT network.  

According to Grogory Barmenkov, head of TGC-10 IT department, "the construction of TDM network for telematics transfer brought our company in conformity with the requirements of the participants of the balanced power market to provide communication with regional dispatcher department for distribution of orders. The introduction of IPTEL allowed us curbing the expenses on telephone costs between the branches and raise the efficiency of communications between the personnel".

"The replacement of conference call analogue equipment by modern Cisco MeetingPlace Express system will allow TGC-10 raising the efficiency of conference calls, which are an important component of the company's business processes.  Due to predictive dialing and switching participants to conversation, opportunity of on-line management of the conference, the company managed to bring down the time for organization and holding of the meetings and make the discussion of the industrial issues more effective", —says Vitaly Chumanov, Strategic Customers Manager at Open Technologies.

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