Infrastructure Integration

Number of various solutions implemented at customers' facilities is rather large today. Often the subsystems of seemingly unified IT landscape are either loosely connected to each other or the interaction between them is ensured by file and data transfer via e-mail or from hand to hand.

Following particular trend the Western IT vendors provide the customer with final and universalized solutions. Such subsystem units solve certain task and form separate IT centers which also require mutual infrastructural integration. Strange as it may seem, this is even more difficult task as far as the ready-made solution will not allow deep intrusion and access to required information or management subsystems.

Nevertheless, unification and joining of information flows can significantly simplify business processes and lead to growth of interaction efficiency both inside the company and externally (with clients and partners).

The very integration task is important for the business as far as represents new level of quality services. This is especially important for companies where IT is the direct tool to achieve business objectives. But it is also important to provide optimum integration given minimization of expenses for purchase of hardware and software and maintenance of the former IT investments.

Open Technologies offers services on integration of infrastructure applying approach allowing minimization of costs for the solution implementation.

It is based on:

  • optimization of the solution total cost;
  • calculation, analysis and detection of ways to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO);
  • proposals on the current IT resources upgrade;
  • development of migration plan taking into account business peculiarities (reduction of downtime, detection of narrow performance points, transfer of non-core systems to outsourcing, including data-center).

Highly qualified team of our specialists will ensure methodologically correct implementation process, timely solution of non-standard tasks which can occur during the project.

The project success is guaranteed by application of the best integration practices and valid integration approaches accumulated during the long time of our work at the IT market.

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