Industry Automation System Introduction

Today the development of technologies made it possible to introduce industry automation systems into almost all manufacturing fields. Industry automation of production processes enhances labor efficiency and allows cutting net cost and improving product quality. Moreover, it extends the equipment service life, saves consumables and raw materials, and improves production safety as a whole.

The main objectives of the industry automation system introduction:

  • lesser influence of human factor to technological process;
  • improved production reliability;
  • increased production speed and quality;
  • prevention of emergency situations;
  • improved production control.

Open Technologies offers the following services in the frames of construction of industry automation systems:

  • consulting;
  • audit;
  • design, installation and start-up works.

We offer development and introduction of the following hardware complexes:

Automated process control system (APCS):

  • APCS for energy facilities (APCS: boilers, turbines, electric equipment, frequency and power exchange monitoring systems, etc.);
  • APCS for metallurgy facilities (APCS: furnaces, boilers, rectifiers, etc.);
  • APSC for housing and utilities infrastructure;
  • APSC for petrochemical enterprises.

Automatic Dispatch Monitoring and Control System (ADCS):

  • information collection and transfer systems (ICTS);
  • automated dispatching systems (ADS);
  • prefault information collection and transfer systems (PICTS);
  • transient mode monitoring systems (TMMS);
  • power equipment state monitoring.
  • vibromonitoring systems.
  • telemetry systems.

Automated information and measuring systems (AIMS) (for power energy, heating energy, gas, water supply):

  • automatic information and measuring systems for electric power revenue (technical) metering (ASEPRM);
  • automatic information and measuring systems for heating power revenue (technical) metering (AIMS HPRM (ASHPRM));
  • automatic information and measuring systems for gas revenue (technical) metering (AS GRM));
  • automatic information and measuring systems for water resource revenue (technical) metering (ASWRRM));

To ensure reliability, fail-safety and high quality of industry automation systems work we use software and hardware complexed made by the world leading manufacturers: Siemens, GEFanuc, Allen-Bradley, Honeywell, Iconics, etc.

Success is ensured by Open Technologies advantages, such as wide range of certificates to implement various work (complex approach), possibility to organize "turn-key" work and presence of adjacent APCS solutions.

Introduction of the industry automation system will allow you to build on economic effect connected to reduction of expenses for materials and energy resources and increase of product quality.

Moreover, introduction of the APCS will increase efficiency of the whole business process complex, allow introduction of MES and higher level system allowing business development planning.

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