Modernization of data processing center

Open Technologies, Russian system integrator, successfully completes the first stage of DPC  modernization  in the state scientific and production rocket and  space center  CSKB-Progress.

The decision on modernizing the computing center at CSKB-Progress SSPRSC was prompted by the growth of the production volume and range, RST intensification and, consequently, sharp acceleration of IT development at the enterprise.

It should be noted that  CSKB-Progress SSPRSC  is one of the leaders of the national rocket and space industry providing for construction and operation of mid class carrier rockets and automatic space vehicles for remote Earth sensing and various scientific experiments.

The customer required from Open Technologies to create a full-scale modern data processing center that would provide for effective use of computer resources and failure proof functioning of the main business applications.

While researching the existing IT-infrastructure of CSKB-Progress SSPRSC the idea of building a distributed DPC emerged.  Such approach provided for integrated reservation of facilities, data storage and transfer systems and communication channels.

The customer allocated 2 premises for the DPC in a distance of 1 km from each other.  That is why the modernization of IT infrastructure required construction of engineering infrastructure of the computer center.

The specialists of Open Technologies have already completed the design of the solution and supplied the necessary equipment on leasing basis.  

The creation of information and net infrastructure involved IBM and Cisco Systems Equipment (the customer already has a pert of it, another part will be supplied during the project). The engineering part involves technologies of APC, Stulz and General Electric Company.

The project has already entered its second stage - preparation of infrastructure. It will include the whole range of jobs.  The buildings, where the sites will be located, are prepared; the systems of continuous power supply, electricity supply, conditioning, ventilation, fire extinguishing, video surveillance and monitoring are designed and commissioned. After tat the modernized DPC will be arranged and commissioned.  The works are planned to be performed within 6 months.

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