Modernization of corporative data transfer network

News Outdoor Russia Client:
News Outdoor Russia

Open Technologies, Russian system integrator, announced about the victory in tender for modernization of corporate data transfer network in News Outdoor Russia LLC.

The corporate data transfer network in News Outdoor Russia LLC is necessary for reliable and safe data transfer in corporate information systems between 83 offices of the company located in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation.

The company needs its CDTS to be modernized and IT infrastructure developed due to its dynamic development in recent years. The existing corporate infrastructure failed to provide the necessary level of productivity, informational security and scalability.

Targets of corporate data transfer network modernization:

  • Raising the efficiency and productivity of works by accelerating net interaction with corporate business applications;
  • Diminishing the risk of business applications downtime due to unauthorized access to corporate services from inside and outside networks and threats of net attacks;
  • Enhancing the reliability of net complex

During the project the specialists of Open Technologies will design an architectural solution, supply the necessary equipment, commission it and launch it into exploitation.

The modernized CDTS will cater to the following customers' requirements:

  • Guaranteed access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year;
  • Reliability and failure withstandability within the planned net resources;
  • High productivity of net equipment of all levels;
  • Prompt response, relevant pass-through capability, absence of narrow sections, isolation of traffic without additional delays;
  • Possibility of further development (with more jobs and higher productivity);
  • Flexibility and manageability of the system of supporting differentiated end-to-end services for business applications;
  • Possibility of net monitoring;
  • Reasonable costs at the stages of creation, operation and maintenance
  • The net modernization will involve the equipment of Cisco Systems, the world leader in the industry of net technologies. The net core will be Catalyst 6500 commutators, which will be installed in 2 offices of the company которые установят; the distribution level will be provided Catalyst 3560 commutators; the net complex will be controlled by Cisco Works LMS.

"We are sure that the project will help "News Outdoor Russia" to develop in a dynamic way and remain the best company at the advertising market of Russia, said Corporate Client Manager at Open Technologies Vitaly Chumanov.

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