Creation of Data Processing Centers

Construction of Data processing centers is a key to creation of effective information system at the enterprise complying with business tasks and requirements.

If your company:

  • has corporate applications requiring high availability and implemented at the basis of servers and data storage systems;
  • cost of stored information loss is significant for the company;
  • business continuity is the main requirement to information system and application task operation quality;
  • realizes necessity to consolidate decentralized computing resources

you shall think about creation of the Data processing center.

Open Technologies implements projects corresponding to the client technical and business tasks, both short-term and long-term ones. Our DPC will have technological spare and scalability of all subsystems.

Construction of Data Processing Center will ensure:

  • Reliable data storage of your organization:
    • DPC will have all conditions for normal operation of equipment;
    • unified storage space allows easier control and information security assurance;
    • standby data center ensures reliable storage of important information.
  • Information availability:
    • geographically distributed network of data-centers will ensure required level of disaster-safety in case of natural and man-made disasters. In case of the main data-center failure the control will be switched to standby center. As a result, your company business continuity is ensured;
    • portable DCPs in containers allow delivery of the required computing capacity in the shortest possible time and ensure information availability in remote regions;
    • it is easier to ensure backup of certain subsystems and IT scaling with data-center.
  • high information processing speed:
    • DCP computing resources can be redistributed flexibly between IT service consumers ensuring required performance of application tasks on request;
    • DCP creates necessary conditions for deployment of high performance computing (supercomputers);
    • access to large data volumes and analytical processing of large information volumes will be made at high speed.
  • Reductions of costs of IT system support and maintenance:
    • DCP allows concentrating resources of IT maintenance;
    • convergent infrastructure allows reduced expenses of integration of diversified systems into unified information field;
    • it is easier and more transparent to control IT development within DCP;
    • increased storage reliability and information availability leads to reduction of forced and inevitable scheduled dead time;
    • resource virtualization will increase the level of equipment recycling thus reducing expenses of excess capacity.

Creation of the Data processing center is a difficult design task. The contractor shall have vast experience in creation of engineer and software and hardware complexes. The contractor's vast practice is a guarantee to execution of the project in time, within the budget and in compliance with all customer's needs defined during preparation of technical specification.

Open Technologies has all necessary intellectual and industrial recourses to solve complex tasks of data processing center construction. Our service package includes pre-design inspection, system development and design, integration and interfacing with existing information infrastructure, installation and execution of acceptance tests as well as service and technical support, providing optimal and continuous work of the system. To create a data-center our company uses the latest technologies of famous manufacturers such as Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Veritas, EMC, Cisco Systems, Oracle and others. Our customers include largest Russian and international enterprises and organizations.

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