Security Information Management

Growth of the number of information technologies used in organization leads to growth of number of security facilities used. Accordingly, the task of Information Security (IS) collection, analysis and control becomes more and more acute. To solve it one need effective Security Information Management (SIM) system.

Open Technology implements complex solutions on development and introduction of SIM, their integration into existing infrastructure of the customer and technical support.

There are several SIM solutions by different manufacturers at the market. They differ in functions, range of tasks solved, and application field. Open Technologies offers solutions based on the products such as:

  • Intellitactics Security Manager;
  • Intellitactics SAFE;
  • netForensics Security Information & Event Management
  • Solution (nFX SIM One);
  • Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System (CS-MARS);
  • Check Point Eventia Analyzer.

Experience and qualification of Open Technologies specialists allow execution of the whole range of services on introduction of various SIM solutions - from choice of program product to design, introduction, training for personnel and the solution technical support.

Advantages of SIM solution introduction by Open Technologies:

  • Control of security events:
    • centralized and complex control of security events;
    • network operation transparency and, consequently, building of trust on the client side;
    • guarantees to ensure due level of the IS.
  • Data for incident solution process:
    • operative receipt of information about IS events;
    • fast response to IS events;
    • consequently, lesser damages.
  • Data for risk assessment process:
    • use of adequate data in threat analysis and risk assessment;
    • receipt of information when making reasonable management, organizational and technical solutions on improvement of the network security.

Business profit from SIM class products


The Security Information Management system ensures collection of log files from all IP devices of corporate network: firewalls, routers, servers, data storage systems, etc. It processes its information in real time mode, informs administrator about cases of abnormal conduct of users or devices; at this it constantly archives all collected information for further use. Using intuitive tool bar administrators can make requests to all volume of data saved to have the idea of "who, what, when, where did in the network".

Developed analytical software transforms aggregate mass of unstructured initial data into structured information formalizing the events to help administrators in three main fields:

  • Log file management

SIM solution helps to extract log files simultaneously from tens of thousands devices without need to install agents on them thus guaranteeing integrity and fullness of data collection.

  • Simpler compliance to industry regulations

SIM can help to collect data about the network, application and user activity helping to confirm compliance to industry regulatory requirements. To implement these requirements the system has a lot of built-in reports possible to be customized.

  • Improved security

Real-time warnings about incidents, monitoring and possibility to make detailed inspection will give administrators clear idea about events of the network. Owing to possibility to see and understand what risks and threats users, data, network resources and business operations are exposed to they can undertake more effective actions to reduce the risks.