Mobile Application Development

Open Technologies offers development of customized and integrated solutions on the basis of mobile technologies including estimation, strategy, development and introduction of architectures and applications which allow organizations to create new business, provide higher quality services and enhance employees' performance.

The list of our services includes development of mobile software for various platforms and technologies such as Java C, C++, Objective C, C#, VB.Net for J2ME, Blackberry, Windows Simbian, Android, iPhone, BREW and Linux.

With our solutions based on mobile software you will have the following advantages:

  • Your clients use portable devices every day. If you are not present at the market they will choose competitors!
  • Users of your smartphone program are your loyal clients! When they use it they develop loyalty to your company as if they used your products or services.
  • Good smartphone product is able to attract new clients. People will find it following the Internet overviews, friends' recommendations and searching it in App Store, GooglePlay and learn about your company with its help.
  • You get more clients' attention as far as they now visit your page not only with their PCs but with their smartphones when PC is unavailable.

Open Technologies has been providing services on development and introduction of application software in Russia and abroad since 1994. For these years we have accumulated vast experience in implementation of projects which require nonstandard creative approach, fast development in new subject fields and innovative technologies and researches in knowledge-intensive fields.