Construction of Electronic Mailing Systems

Today the corporate e-mail is the compulsory business tool of any company ensuring communications between the company employees and external communicants thus increasing efficiency of business processes.

But creation of mailing system is not that simple. This is a very labor-intensive process; it requires considering many factors such as prospects of organization employee number growth, their location, reliability and protection of information exchange, distribution of load, integrity of data, etc.

This task can be solved only by professionals who have sufficient experience in implementation of projects of the kind.

Open Technologies has been providing services on development and introduction of electronic mail for over ten years. Specialists of our company have experience in construction of corporate electronic mailing systems based on different platforms - Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus, etc.

Our service package includes pre-design inspection, system development and design, integration and interfacing with existing information infrastructure, installation and execution of acceptance tests as well as maintenance and technical support ensuring optimal and continuous work of the system. In our projects we use the latest technological solutions and developments of the world leading manufacturers.