Multimedia Telephone Conference

If your organization consists of large number of regional subdivisions often business trips of employees can lead to significant spending and waste of time for trip, exhaust personnel and decrease personnel's efficiency. Sometimes impossibility of trip or arriving to the meeting venue can lead to fail of important business meeting or negotiations.

If production and business processes of your organization are based on or largely depend on team-work - whether these are regular or unscheduled meetings, trainings or testing, solving of urgent or critical situations - but you don't have automated system to ensure execution of these events the efficiency of office management decreases and temporary expenses increase.

If during meetings the minutes and archiving of materials discussed are not provided or made irregularly in writing this cannot lead to effective use of results reached, reflect accurate history and objectively record actual content of the event. Open Technologies offers services on construction of Multimedia Telephone Conference (MTC) system.

MTC is the unified complex solution for organization and execution of audio and video conferences as well as web-conferences using web-browser for collaborate work with files (in particular, in case of remote trainings, demonstration of slides, presentations and other training materials), file editing, text chat, whiteboarding, etc. The system includes integrated possibility to record audioconferences and record the web-conference and synchronically replay audio and video records to allow to hear what issue was discussed at certain period of time and see which data (schemes, tables, slides) were displayed for the conference participants (were under discussion).

Convenience to plan conferences is ensured by possible integration of the system with applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. For example, you can create new conference, define its parameters (such as time, duration, number of participants, etc.) and invite required participants using calendar of Outlook. Information about conference scheduled will automatically appear in the system to reserve corresponding resources and the participants will receive e-mail notice with instructions explaining how to participate in the conference. You can also create conferences using web-interface or IP-phone.

Thus, using of state-of-the-art system for organization and execution of multimedia telephone conferences allows to:

  • automate organization and execution of meetings, reserve resources;
  • notify participants about time, program and materials of the meeting;
  • gather participants of the meeting in virtual meeting room;
  • execute urgent meetings to make immediate decisions;
  • provide collaborate work on the meeting documents and materials;
  • integrate with corporate mailing systems (MS Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes);
  • control access and participation of employees in meetings;
  • manage the meeting process;
  • record negotiations and web-content.

Introduction of this system allows:

  • to increase meeting efficiency;
  • to automate and digitalize the meetings;
  • to increase speed of access to knowledge base;
  • to reduce business trip expenses;
  • to increase labor capacity;
  • to increase more operative solution of issues;
  • to increase level of trust within the organization;
  • to simplify monitoring and control processes.

Universality and availability of wide range of tools allow constructing specialized industry solutions based on MTC the implementation of which depends on business needs and technical requirements of certain industry.

The vast application field includes:

  • corporate conference systems;
  • situation and operation centers;
  • remote training and testing centers;
  • telemedicine and remote diagnostics systems.

Expertise of Open Technologies in construction of complex automation systems and close cooperation with leading manufacturers of telecommunication equipment allows proposing effective solutions corresponding both to technical needs of organization of any scale and business requirements.

Our company is a certified partner of the leading manufacturers of equipment used to construct teamwork systems. Our service package includes pre-design inspection, system development and design, integration and interfacing with existing information infrastructure, installation and execution of acceptance tests, maintenance and technical support ensuring optimal and continuous work of the system. Our Competency Center has possibilities to execute complex testing of offered solutions and assessment of their efficiency.