Construction of Big Data Class Systems

Continuous growth of data volumes in organizations and need in acceleration of their processing has led to situation when conventional data storage systems and analytical applications ceased to fully correspond to requirements of customers the success of which significantly depends on IT and/or connected with processing of huge information arrays. First of all, these are Internet companies, banks, telecommunication and media companies, public sector.

To cover the arising need, a big range of solutions appeared at the IT market denoted by one common term "Big Data" which propose a brand new approach to storage and use of constantly growing information volumes.

The major characteristics of Big Data solutions include:

  • larger volume - ability to store huge data arrays (from hundreds of TB to tens of PB);
  • wide variety - possibility to store all types of structured and non-structured information, including tables without data, text files, video and audio information, measurement device data, application logs, etc. within one array;
  • high processing speed - information download and processing speed of the array is close to real time mode.

Following the market trends Open Technologies proposes Big Data solutions such as:

  • horizontally scaled Network Attached Storages (NAS) for very-large-scale data volumes;
  • Massively Parallel Processing Data Warehouse (MPP Data Warehouse);
  • analytical systems to work with Big Data;
  • distributed big data storage and processing systems based on Hadoop/Mapreduce technologies.

Our solutions will allow you:

  • to solve issues of big data storage and processing in cases when conventional systems of organization are not applicable;
  • to uncover commercial potential of data about clients and their requirements collected by organization so far comprising a dead weight of diversified systems and remaining unavailable for quality analytical processing;
  • to provide company direction and management with real-time analysis facilities allowing them to make measured operative decisions directly at the moment of business significant event.

And consequently you will get effective state-of-the-art facility to ensure your competitive activities.

Along with supplies and integration of Big Data class hardware and software solutions into customer's infrastructure, Open Technologies offers consulting services on use of big data processing solutions and constructions of business analysis systems, client relations control systems and other key corporate systems used in the organization.