Automatic Dispatch Control System

Open Technologies offers development and introduction of dispatch systems providing collection, diagnostics of technological data from the territorially distributed facilities and control of these facilities. The systems ensure multiuser access to collected information for further use.

Information Collection and Transfer System

Information collection and transfer system (ICTS) is aimed for remote monitoring of state of technological objects in order to prevent gradual failures and for detection of the equipment failure nature, archiving of received information and its transfer into dispatch center.

Automated dispatching control system

Automated dispatching control system (ADCS) is a monitoring system of the network energy companies necessary to implement requirements of NP TSA to enter the electricity and energy market and to provide market participants with information about current energy (power) generation/ consumption.

Construction of this system is also necessary for enterprises with geographically distributed process facilities subject to operative real-time monitoring and control.

Main functions of the ADCS:

  • collection, archiving and provision of the personnel with operative data of normal and emergency modes;
  • operative remote controlled guidance;
  • archiving of operative data;
  • providing access to operative and retrospective information for managers of different levels;
  • interaction with adjacent AS;
  • diagnostics of the system hardware and software.

Prefault Information Collection and Transfer System

Prefault Information Collection and Transfer System (PFICTS) is aimed to create distributed automatic protective devices systems of IPA type (instability prevention automation).

Main functions of the PFICTS:

  • collection of local prefault information about parameters, modes and state of the object scheme;
  • processing of prefault information;
  • translation and retranslation of local prefault information via telemetry communication and via Relay Protection and Automatic Equipment connection;
  • transmission of data to adjacent AS and organizations interested.

Transient mode monitoring system

Transient mode monitoring system (TMMS) is a technology for registration of transit modes to analyze dynamic characteristics of UES, pipeline mains implemented with:

  • technical tools for information registration and transfer;
  • information processing and analysis tools;
  • trained personnel.

Power equipment state monitoring system

Power equipment state monitoring system is aimed to measure state of the power equipment, collect its work statistics and analyze the information received to optimize further operation.