IS Systems Complying to Regulatory Requirements

Personal Data Security Assurance

Employees' personal data security assurance is regulated by provisions of the Federal Law no. 152 dated 27.07.06. Information security assurance according to requirements of the law is one of solutions offered by Open Technologies. Its introduction allows:

  • reducing risks connected to regulatory documents;
  • objective increasing the IS system level;
  • receiving additional competitive advantages at the market;
  • ensuring growth of the company trust from the clients’ and partners’ parties.

Open Technologies offers following services on Personal Data security:

  • Inspection of personal data information systems and help in PDIS classification
  • Development of threat model and technical specification for personal data security system
  • PDSC designing (including information security facilities and IS processes)
  • Supply and introduction of necessary security facilities, introduction of IS processes
  • Certification (if necessary) of existing security facilities
  • Help in obtaining license from Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) and Federal Security Service (FSS) of Russia
  • Voluntary attestation of PDIS
  • Technical support of security facilities and execution of annual control

Preparation to attestation of automated systems according to the RF legislation requirements

We execute works on preparation to attestation to compliance to the RF legislation requirements on provision of confidentiality, integrity and availability of limited access information processed in the organization automated system. As a result, complex ISS is created fully corresponding to legislative requirements of the RF in the field of IS. Attestation is aimed to check AS IS facilities compliance with stipulated requirements. In case of successful completion of attestation the organization receives Compliance Certificate approving processing of confidential information on the AS.

Organization of Commercial Secret Measures at the Enterprise

The term "commercial secret", procedure of its treatment and responsibility for violation of exceptional rights are defined by the FL "On Commercial Secret" and several articles of the RF CC (art. 1465 - 1472).

Open Technologies executes works on:

  • inspection of current commercial measures provision;
  • development of organizational measures to protect commercial secret;
  • designing of technical components of the protection system;
  • supply of technical facilities;
  • start-up of equipment, introduction of organizational measures;
  • technical support of the solution.

Open Technologies has all required licenses to provide these services and highly qualified specialists and wide practical experience to implement projects in the field of personal data security assurance.

Our service package includes pre-design inspection, system development and design, integration and interfacing with existing information infrastructure, installation and execution of acceptance tests as well as service and technical support, providing optimal and continuous work of the systems.