Creation of Engineering Infrastructure

When creating the Data processing center it is necessary to pay attention not only to server complexes and active equipment but also to quality of engineering infrastrucutre. Because engineering system reliability directly affects the level of DPC service availability and that is why it shall be higher than reliability of other components.

Qualified consultants and engineers of Open Technologies will execute the whole range of works on designing and introduction of DPC engineering infrastructure taking into account the organization scale and existing infrastructure, objectives and tasks.

Upon creation of DPC engineering infrastructure our developers follow general standards regulating designing of the DPC engineering infrastructure as a complex structure.

With Open Technologies services you will get:

  • complex approach to design;
  • strict adherence to construction standards;
  • complex DPC designing (simultaneous construction of DPC II and server complex allowing their more organic connection, providing better DPC operation conditions and setting foundation for future scaling);
  • vendor-independence: construction of optimum solution based on detailed inspection of customer's needs.

Creation of state-of-the-art reliable DPC engineering infrastructure will allow:

  • reducing time for DPC update and extension from 4-6 months to 2-6 weeks due to flexible use of excessive equipment resources;
  • reducing the number of vendors used in the solution and facilitating equipment service maintenance.

Introduction of additional unified engineering infrastructure monitoring and control system will allow:

  • almost immediate response to event - data from the most critical points will be received several times per second thus ensuring fast system response, minimization of possible negative consequences of emergency situations;
  • no human in making decisions in emergency situation - the unification of engineering systems into unified logical network including decision-making mechanisms integrated into automated control systems will ensure preset response of the whole DPC engineering infrastructure to emergency situation;
  • reduction of human factor in engineering infrastructure operation;
  • possibility to set required parameters of engineering system operation, control their implementation, monitor environmental, electrical parameters, technological equipment state with individual monitoring tools;
  • extension of the engineering system possibilities increasing the number of control points thus guaranteeing compliance to required environmental parameters of the equipment operation;
  • unified monitoring and control interface - the personnel on duty has unified graphic monitoring and control interface for all DPC engineering systems thus facilitating information perception, allowing real-time control of all parameters, timely detection of changes in operation and execution of maintenance and repairs;
  • possibility to forecast failures of engineering infrastructure elements - connection of additional sensors and change of non-standard engineering infrastructure parameters will allow timely prevention of possible failure.

The task of creation of DPC engineering infrastructure requires high level of special knowledge and technical and organizational skills. Open Technologies accumulated vast experience in designing, construction and support of DPCs. Our customers include largest Russian and international enterprises and organizations.

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