Creation of reserve copying system

Open Technologies, Russian system integrator, informs about construction of reserve copying system in Ural Architecture and Construction Development Institute (Ural AC R&D)

The organization faces an ever-growing volume of the processed data (metadata, drafts, accounting and infrastructure services data).  In this regard the administration of the Institute made a decision on lowering the risks of possible information losses and introduction of reserve data copying system.

Having studied the existing informational structure of the enterprise, the specialists of Open Technologies Yekaterinburg Office developed a concept of reserve copying system. During the project they designed the solution, supplied and configured the necessary equipment and software. At the final stage they designed the operational procedures (regulation and reserving schedule).

The project involved Hewlett-Packard equipment and software (tape library,  reserve copying server and software connecting all these components). This package ideally suited the customer in terms of price and productivity.  An important factor in choosing the equipment was an opportunity of receiving service support from the vendors in the region.  The total volume of tape storage was 38. 4 Тb.

The created system allows protecting the data from destruction in case of failures and breakdowns of hardware as well as software and users' mistakes. Also the applications can be restored without stops of the stopping the enterprise.

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