Creation of Report and Analysis System

Open Technologies offers services on creation of report and analysis system for energy companies.

The system is aimed to automate business processes connected to development of accounting documents and analytical reports contributing to control and monitoring of key indicators of the energy company operation and support of management decision-making process.

The functions of the system include development of centralized accounting: from mass operation reports and printed forms of primary accounting (bills, invoices, payment requests, contracts, reconciliation reports, etc.) to summary regulated and analytical reports.

Depending on sales enterprise department, region, service object or agency contract type the system develops different types of templates. For example, the class of mass generation reports includes possibility to create bills and invoices as well as notifications to consumers.

The solution is equipped with integrated package start control tools - operation reports (reconciliations reports, warning for consumers, requests to network organizations) are started on schedule and sent to printing devices as package processes. Operation reports reflecting the content of several transactions (contracts with consumers) can be created by operators from the user interface. Also the system interacts with electronic data exchange systems, systems of work with e-mail and fax. The factor is especially important for automatically developed letters and notifications.

The system can also develop analytical reports providing the summary information profiled:

  • accounting - balance lists showing summary monetary and qualitative (natural) parameters for the period in the form of "beginning balances - transactions over the period - final balances" divided by consumer groups and resource types;
  • fiscal - charge settlement reports, debts over the period divided by various consumer groups and resource types;
  • debt reports - reports on collection, clearing and restructuring of debt, claims work;
  • sales - reports on summary resource sales for every resource type, consumer group, tariff and region;
  • general - reports with summary enterprise activity indicators: sales volumes in natural and monetary indicators, volumes of earnings divided by principals, agents, regions, consumer categories.

Thus introduction of the report and analysis system will ensure:

  • possibility to use efficient means to reduce receivables by automatic sending of letters and notifications to debtors via fax and/or email;
  • development of reports on summary indicators of the company activities and indicators of parts, subsidiaries, etc.;
  • reception of analytical reports on charges and regulated and non-regulated price payments divided by structural subdivisions and summary reports for the whole enterprise;
  • business analysis of the enterprise activity key indicators.

As a result, the company will have a powerful management tool allowing it to develop operative action measures aimed to enhance the business performance.