Conceptual design

As a rule, when developing, any large private or state organization faces a problem when recently successfully used information systems and IT infrastructure do not fully correspond to current organization needs any more or make future achievement of strategic objectives impossible. And even increase of efforts and expenses put into IT does not bring required result.

All this can be both a consequence of absence of clear IT strategy in the company and indication of insufficient work out of the general IT architecture concept during introduction of new and upgrade of existing IT system elements and infrastructure. Changes of the organization IT systems without interconnections with existing systems can cause a range of new problems including IT performance decrease.

Open Technologies offers services on conceptual design of IT systems and infrastructure aimed to define optimum architecture for solution introduced taking into account existing IT environment. We will provide detailed analysis of the organization IT regarding the solution to be introduced including:

  • analysis of the current organization IT infrastructure state, detection of adjacent systems and interconnections;
  • analysis of IT system and IT infrastructure development plans (if the organization has IT strategy);
  • development of solution architecture options and IT infrastructure and system components options;
  • comparative analysis of every component and choice of the target architecture option.

Based on received data we will work out a list of software and hardware solutions the best complying with your target architecture. This component content will be specified within the following work stage - IT system and infrastructure design.

With our conceptual design service you will be sure that the IT solutions planned to be introduced optimally complete the existing IT systems and correspond to IT development plans which will finally lead to IT performance enhancement and contribute to achievement of the organization business objectives.

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