DPC certification in Uptime Institute

Are you a representative of senior management or the company owner? Then the certification of DPC level will become a warranty that data processing center of your company is protected from losses caused by vulnerabilities of its engineering infrastructure (this refers to topology of critically important DPC construction systems and its operational procedures).

Are you an owner of commercial data center? Certification according to Uptime Institute will allow attracting new clients.

Are you an investor? Only certification will show you actual cost of a DPC.

Open Technologies is one of the few Russian companies providing services on DPC certification. Our personnel include engineers trained and certified by the Uptime Institute and having Accredited Tier Designer certificates.

We offer DPCs to be certified according to one of four reliability tiers according to Uptime Institute classification - TIER I...IV. And according to one of three operational sustainability tiers - Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Today Uptime Institute is the unique organization which accumulated long experience of DPC researches and made this experience a clear and transparent topology.

Certification is provided in several stages. Uptime Institute specialists stick to work already at the stage of project documentation development. They provide compulsory audit of the project documentation developed and deliver official conclusion about all defects detected and recommendations to increase operational sustainability. After construction of DPC Uptime Institute specialists arrive to the facility and audit it once again. If the installation was provided without faults and critical changes DPC receives corresponding certificate.

Don't waste your precious time for long audit of potential DPCs and compromise your company positions. Order independent DPC certification according to Uptime Institute classes - a technology which was acknowledged by over 40 countries.