Preparation of Operational Documentation

Any IT system life cycle can't do without technical (or operational) documentation.

Operational documentation is necessary when quality description of the system possibilities or trainings for final users are required. In some cases absence of the documentation or irresponsibility in its development affects both efficiency of the system application and return from the intellectual property as a whole.

Paying much attention to document quality in own projects Open Technologies provides services on development of operational documentation at request. Documentation objects can include the system (or system part) developed and introduced by our company as a system integrator and system made by other companies. In the second case the service can be provided if it is possible to receive information about the system sufficient to develop documents of required level.

We offer:

  • Development of operational documentation for the system

The documentation content is defined by customer's needs and requirements of acting standards. Open Technologies has competence in development of documentation for various automation systems.

  • Follow-up revision of the existing documentation

Documentation follow-up is made in case of the system upgrading and when it is unreasonable to complete the project on documentation development (for example, no resources or it is more expensive than outsourcing).

  • Development of supporting documentation for the system

Supporting documentation is developed if it is necessary to describe the system or its part to be handed out to third party or to be integrated with another system.

  • Description of user typical processes and operation procedures

The organization employees using corporate information systems use various models of work. As a rule, efficient work can be done even if the user does not know all system possibilities. It is sufficient to know the action sequence necessary to implement particular task. Development of this documentation includes inspection (if necessary - adjustment) of typical business processes and development of step-by-step instructions describing task implementation procedure to be followed working with automation system.

  • Development of the unified documentation standard and document templates

Service on development of the unified documentation standard is provided if the customer needs to issue document packages developed following unified rules and style but none of the existing standards suits. The document package includes the standard regulating document development and document templates developed according to the standard sections and containing section structure.

Approach of Open Technologies to development of operational documentation is based on own long-term experience and current document management standards. Development of technical documentation for automated systems can be regulated by various standard systems: GOST, ISO, corporate standards. The documents will be accurately checked for compliance to chosen standard and main quality criteria: information accuracy, completeness of information, technical literacy, spelling and stylistic literacy.

With high quality operational documentation you will be able to:

  • enhance system support and maintenance efficiency;
  • cut expenses for trainings of users;
  • optimize working processes;
  • reduce risks of user errors causing system failures;
  • reduce risks in case of dismissal of key employees in charge of the system.