Introduction of Telemedicine Subsystems and Consultation Complexes

Promptness and quality of medical services is an important component of health protection and prevention, hospital treatment and operative measures. It's no secret that medical assistance is an art strongly depending on the physician's professionalism and competence. The physician cannot immediately move from one end of the country or city to another where his involvement or consultation is needed. To enhance efficiency of medical assistance it is reasonable to use telemedicine.

Treatment and medical service provision process is finally focuses on person (medical institution employee) who needs objective vital factors to control the patient's state, put on corresponding medication and analyze response. Incomplete picture of current patient's state, lack of historical data about the treatment flow, lack of qualified medical workers, impossibility to receive vitally important consultation in due time - these are some of problems which can be solved by introduction of telemedicine subsystems and consultation complexes. Unfortunately, human life can be the price of unsolved problem.

Open Technologies offers services on introduction of telemedicine subsystems and consultation complexes.

We offer to give up the conventional perception of telemedicine as just a system of video broadcasting or videoconferencing. Our key difference is extension of the complex to system of real-time analysis and exchange of telemetry information about the patient's state. Breath, pressure, heart rate, temperature are just some of the parameters automatically collected, archived and analyzed and made available to a whole range of specialists of the medical institution specific departments (according to profiles of access to information of the kind). All patient's data are synchronized and accurately saved in the data base. Medical decision making support system provided optionally with telemedical complex and working synchronously with it will prompt the physician to consider dangerous deviations or negative combination of factors, provide information about the latest international therapeutic recommendations concerning the disease.

So, the telemedicine is an integral interdependent complex consisting of subsystem transmitting treatment parameters into the information storage and processing center, decision making and support subsystem, videconferencing subsystem (specialized from surgery, conventional in the clinic offices), data analysis, correlation analysis, feedback subsystems.

The complex introduction will reduce non-core burden of the medical staff, will allow more time for the treatment process, increase the number of patients attended and improve the medical service quality. The patient connected to telemedicine network will feel continuous care, will be sure in the treatment correctness and feel calm about the results.

Application of telemedicine systems will allow:

  • improving treatment quality (reduce the number of lethal outcomes, unsuccessful operations, medical errors) using real-time records of all surgeons' and assistants' actions, doctors' discussions;
  • holding medical consultations, including attracting remote specialists;
  • providing trainings for medical personnel (students, young doctors) basing on materials recorded during real operations and saved in archives.

Open Technologies has all necessary intellectual and industrial recourses to solve tasks connected with creation and introduction of telemedicine subsystems and consultation complexes. Our service package includes pre-design inspection, system development and design, integration and interfacing with existing information infrastructure, installation and execution of acceptance tests as well as service and technical support, providing optimal and continuous work of systems.

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