Best Prices of IT Hardware and Software

Everybody knows that you shall buy goods in companies offering best prices, guaranteeing high quality and ensuring qualified maintenance.

Open Technologies offers services on choice and sale of IT hardware and software by the field vendors and third parties.

Why you shall buy IT hardware and software in our company?

For the long years of our work at the system integration market we've managed to develop unique purchase technology which allows us to deliver required hardware at the shortest possible time and at optimum prices and establish strong partner and friendly relations with our clients and suppliers.

Before the contract signing we work through the whole supply chain including all stages: order, payment, preparation to shipment at supplier's facility, routing to final addressee, transportation order, payment for transportation, documentation, calculation of storage, taxes, cost price, etc. Due to this, we always state real supply terms. From 2012 the purchases are based on tender approach. Thus, the flexible supplier choice system warrants that you will receive the best, well-tried, quality hardware at optimum prices and time.

To follow up the new trends of the market development the employees of Open Technologies Logistics department pass regular tests for language, negotiation skills, technical knowledge of the company products, etc. And they are always ready to solve difficult and ingenious tasks of our clients.

For detailed information about prices, please, call us. You shall just answer several questions and in several hours you will receive our quotation and evaluate all advantages of work with us.