Technical Support Center

Phone numbers:

8 800 200 0877 FREE 8 800 200 0877 (free for all regions of Russia, multi-channel, 24x7);
(495) 787-08-77 FREE (495) 787-08-77 (multi-channel, 24x7.

Fax: (495) 363-63-84 (from 9:30 to 18:30)

Service Provision Procedure

When addressing our Service center due to problems with hardware or software, please, confirm to the following rules:

1. Requests will be received only from authorized representatives of the customers as per service contract.

2. With your request, please, first state primary information required to start works:

  • Exact name of your organization;
  • Type and serial number of equipment1, or name and version of software;
  • Short description of your problem;
  • Problem seriousness, priority:
    • P1, complete failure;
    • P2, partial failure;
    • P3, insignificant failure;
    • P4, consultation.

3. The Service Center operator will receive your call and register your request for maintenance.

4. Depending on contract conditions and problem seriousness the dispatcher can either connect you to service engineer on duty or ensure back call of specialist in terms agreed.

5. The engineer will ensure primary diagnostics over the phone and inform about the following action plan.

The Service Center specialists will do their best to solve your problem at all staged of request processing.

1 Our Service Center employees will give you advice if it is difficult for you to find serial number.

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