Professional Services

Open Technologies service solutions include wide range of services on outsourcing of IT department functions both in operation mode and during large-scale reorganizations of IT infrastructure.

Attraction of our specialists will allow you to focus resources to solve strategic tasks of the company development transmitting functions of technical issues solution, interaction with vendors, control of quality and reliability of work of the critically important applications to outsourcer.

Depending on qualitative and quantitative composition of supported hardware and software and client's need of services this activity of our company includes the following services:

  • Support of business processes

We take full responsibility for quality operation of through business processes implemented using development of different manufacturers. And we guarantee reduction of risks due to dead time of IT systems operating in heterogeneous information environment owing to implementation of complex of works including proactive prevention of failures, acceptance, and registration and processing of accidents, problems, requests for change and manual implementation of non-automated stages of the business process supported.

Open Technologies experts have long-term experience in the field of support and testing of various IT systems including in-House systems developed by customers. In-house trainings allow us to share accumulated knowledge and support high level of expertise in numerous software solutions and their integration qualities.

  • Support of specialized applications

Using this service the operation IT management can reduce dead time of separate systems and components in heterogeneous IT environment.

Open Technologies provide statistical analysis and estimation of possible level of losses in case of failure of certain applications and minimize these losses by immediate detection and solution of incidents, problems, maintenance requests.

  • Support of offices

The service includes centralized management and record of operations on installation and setting of hardware and software components, IT infrastructure elements transportation, solving of subscriber's requests.

Open Technologies specialists provide estimation and enhancement of efficiency of the office IT services including owing to provisioning of qualified specialists with experience of work in international companies.

  • EOSL support of IT infrastructure

This service ensures assistance of outdated/ old IT systems during their decommissioning including in case of lacking expertise inside the company.

Long-term practice and experience of support of similar systems allow us to provide complex acceptance tests of inherited systems and provide expert support on the basis of detected defects. We also provide further maintenance and development of decommissioned systems in case of long-term operation if the client has no expertise in development of the system.

In provisioning of professional services Open Technologies always bases on SLA/OLA Balance concept which is correspondence of volume and quality of services to requirements raised by business units.