"IT support of retail chain outlets opening" program

Since 2010 Open Technologies implements works within the "IT support of retail chain outlets opening" program (providing services on IT support of outlet opening).

The offer includes the following service complex:

  • Calculation of expenditures connected with outlet designing, construction and commissioning:
    • site inspection and zonation, preparation of investment budget;
    • project development: PP (process plan), HV (heating and ventilation), AB (architectural and building project), P&S (plumbing and sewage), selection of trade and IT equipment;
    • construction, finishing, mounting, engineering works;
    • trade equipment and furniture, engineering and IT equipment, loading and unloading facilities;
    • automation facilities and systems, service systems;
    • mounting and adjustment of technological equipment, engineering networks, fire alarm systems, cable systems, etc.;
    • employment and training of personnel;
    • household items and inventory, uniform, etc.;
    • IT systems and hardware start-up, IT-support of the outlet opening;
    • preliminary assessment of works and preparation of the outlet to opening;
    • start-up works, IT-support of the outlet opening;
    • formation of trade stores, stocks and references for the moment of opening;
    • marketing researches and branding, advertisement and events upon the outlet opening.
  • Calculation of expenses connected with operation and repairs:
    • operation of buildings and premises, engineering and process equipment;
    • operation and repairs of IT systems and hardware, technical support and service;
    • payroll;
    • household and transportation expenses;
    • transaction costs (communication and IT, acquiring, discounting and loyalty, etc.);
    • natural loss, damages and theft losses.

The works are executed in stages depending on construction readiness both at customer's new and acting facilities. The works are executed during the day or at night, on weekends and holidays taking into account priorities and changes of requirements. The contractor has representatives or partners in all regions of the customer's facilities. The contractor's work manager will inform the customer's responsible person about flow of the project every day. Equipment means any computer, trade, network, telecommunication, server or point-of-sale equipment. The equipment list can be changed with changes of customer's requirements and priorities.

The works include:

  • dismantling: equipment dismantling, package into customer's materials, stocking at the facility;
  • mounting: installation of equipment into work position, installation into the server rack (fixation to the wall or cashier desk), connection, cable laying, cable connection to cables, bundling packaging;
  • setting: software installation, weaving, cloning, programming, BIOS setting according to customer's instructions;
  • software and hardware complex startup: testing of the personnel and cashiers' workstations; testing of cash services (acquiring, mobile payment clearing, work of discount program, loyalty program); technical support to personnel during the opening day; development of documentation; acceptance and commissioning.

The performance time is calculated from the actual date of the work beginning and does not to exceed (without LAN):

  • "Discounter" object (up to 30 equipment positions, including up to 6 POS and 2 AWS) - 1 calendar day;
  • "Supermarket" object (up to 100 equipment positions, including up to 12 POS and 12 AWS) - 3 calendar days;
  • "Hypermarket" object (up to 200 equipment positions, including up to 40 POS and 40 AWS) - 7 calendar days;

Qualification of employees executing works:

  • competence in the field of mounting and dismantling of the point-of-sale equipment present at the market;
  • competence in the field of mounting and adjustment of the trade equipment (bar code scanners, scales, packagers, price checker);
  • competence in the field of mounting and adjustment of office appliances made in Russia and abroad (workstations, printers, scanners, copiers);
  • competence in the field of Windows OS adjustment;
  • basic competence in the field of Linux OS (terminal connections, coding types, main commands);
  • basic competence in the field of mobile OS (Windows mobile, Windows CE, etc.);
  • competence in the field of mounting and basic adjustment of network equipment (routers, switches, wireless access points, etc.);
  • competences in the field of computer networks construction (IP addressing, basic problem detection methods);
  • competences in diagnostics of the frequently used faults of POS, trade and office appliances;
  • basic knowledge about work of trade facilities (Fiscal Register, Z-report, bill details, etc.);
  • English level allowing reading and understanding of the equipment messages and their voicing over the telephone to the technical support;
  • basic competence in the field of team work organizations (detection of optimum work sequence, communication in the group, etc.);
  • knowledge of requirements on labor protection, safety procedures, fire safety, etc. stipulated by the customer and the RF legislation.

Technical support and services:

  • in-house 24x7 Service center (technical support, ServiceDesk, HelpDesk) able to process received information to provide the whole range of services;
  • regional representative offices and partners' service centers;
  • possibility to interact via automated system (AS) for filing of applications used by the customer;
  • receiving reports about the service quality via AS introduced;
  • list and content of works executed upon servicing of one equipment position and intervals are listed in the technical specification (TS);
  • Facility Services includes three types of works:
  1. Technical maintenance (TM) - is ensured according to TM procedures;
  2. Serviceable equipment repairs (SER) - equipment repairs based on request registered in the AS within deadlines as stated by the customer;
  3. Equipment maintenance requests (EMR) - unscheduled equipment maintenance;
  • the works on requests are executed within deadlines corresponding to the service level and type of works;
  • all metrological and weighing equipment is checked annually in corresponding bodies to detect and confirm compliance of the equipment to technical requirements;
  • the serviceable equipment can include: POS-terminals and fiscal registers, computer, server and office appliances, scales with and without bill printer, thermal packagers/ package sealers, portable scanners, network and other equipment as mutually agreed by the parties.

Experience of Open Technologies allows us to offer effective solutions corresponding to business requirements and technological needs of organization of any scale.

Key advantages of Open Technologies:

  • Experience in implementation of complex projects of any difficulty
  • Execution of the whole range of design and installation works
  • Service support
  • Highly qualified specialists
  • The highest partner statuses of the world leading IT manufacturers
  • Extended chain of representative offices
  • Innovation, ability to think in another way, to propose original approaches and solutions.