RSA enVision Event Correlation System

Open Technologies offers services on construction of RSA enVision event correlation system.

RSA enVision platform is a Security Information and Event Management (SEIM) solution allowing you to see 100% of all security threats within the information infrastructure - from switches and routers to protection facilities, computing resources, servers, repositories and applications. This is achieved by collecting of ALL data from all system elements into special database - LogSmart Internet protocol database (IPDB) and possibility to analyze the data in real time. Event analysis self-learning system will show you which regularities are present in your network - whether the operation mode is fulfilled or something unusual is happening, - and this allows detection of security threats almost everywhere including remote sites.

Event and information management platform (three-in-one) allows:

  • enhance information security (thanks to notifications about incidents and their real-time inspection);
  • IT operation optimizations (thanks to IT infrastructure monitoring);
  • simplification of compliance with the best practices (accounting according to standards and internal policies).

Log-file analysis helps the IT subdivisions:

  • To ensure monitoring of the whole system "in one screen"
  • To optimize network performance by detection of fault sources and notifications about problems
  • To ensure control of hardware and software configuration changes
  • To understand what is going on in the network
  • To receive user or user group behavior image

RSA enVision advantages:

  • Makes log data a useful information
  • Provides with holistic picture of the network events
  • Saves time for construction of reports according to requirements of regulatory bodies/best practices
  • Organizes incident management process
  • Reduces operation costs

Our company executes the whole range of works: pre-design inspection, designing, supply, hardware and software installation, integration.

Our company has in-house Competency Center allowing modeling work situations and typical user actions thus contributing to planning and construction, detection of the solution narrow points.