Energy Purchase Automation System

Open Technologies proposes services on construction of energy purchase automation system.

The system is a unified centralized software and hardware complex constructed on the basis of specialized solutions on energy consumption forecast, works at the energy (power) market and work with regulator and large industry consumers.

Unified technological platform constituting the basis of the system ensures access of various users to all necessary business applications and data.

Modules comprising the system (energy data management, load profiles and calculation of consumption volumes, transaction/agreement portfolio management, financial accruals management, tariff analysis and management) allow automation of forecasting, mutual settlements and energy trading.

Information exchange between the AIMSEPRM class and business applications is ensured by scalable high performance multifunctional data repository.


Unified data repository and centralized information storage ensure one-time information input into the system. Data operation and receipt of accurate and reliable information necessary to implement the energy company critical business processes are ensured by convenient data processing mechanism - energy data management module.

Thus the introduction of energy purchase automation system will allow you to:

  • compare consumer's demand and purchase volumes;
  • develop short- and long-term orders for energy purchase;
  • compare liabilities on energy provision and current purchase volumes;
  • develop new tariff plans reflecting market trends;
  • form contract prices;
  • forecast consumption;
  • analyze the demand;
  • create and control the agreements;
  • develop charging and billing calculations;
  • manage financial accruals and debt.

As a result, the company receives:

  • support of purchase decision making;
  • labor resource optimization;
  • fast adaptation to market changes;
  • possibility to develop substantiated tariffs and load plans;
  • contract work optimization;
  • improvement of the company competitive power and profitability.