Energy Sales Automation System

Open Technologies proposes services on introduction of energy sales automation system.

Introduction of the state-of-the-art sales management system allows solving the following tasks:

  • full automation of billing for energy consumed and other types of services for all consumer groups;
  • unification of all remote customer company subdivision into unified information network developing consolidated information area;
  • providing the consumers with access to information about account, its financial history, outstanding invoices and current balance using the Web-interface, electronic information exchange facilities or call-center operators.

As a result, the company receives:

  • possibility to extend the client base;
  • possibility to diversify the business and extend the range of services provided and product range;
  • flexibility of organization structure and mobility of remote subdivisions;
  • creation of effective mechanisms of work with debtors and reduction of receivables;
  • possibility to introduce new effective processes and contact-center to work with consumers;
  • control of energy efficiency enhancement and energy saving program implementation;
  • reduction of operation and labor costs.

The energy sales automation system offered by Open Technologies is a unified centralized software and hardware complex constructed on the basis of Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing (CC&B).

Being an expandable program product, CC&B offers many possibilities to control mutual relations with consumers starting with simple processes such as registration of information about client, billing and finishing with complex data processing of overdue payments and debts, metering device control, field works and many others.

Thanks to several functional units comprising the system it is possible to automate through business process - "meter-to-cash" including key business processes of the sales company - service accounting, field works, calculation of accruals and billing, financial income control, complex (interval and zone) billing, work with the service compliers and information exchange with conterparties.

CC&B functional structure is shown on figure below.