One-Time Services

One-time services are the simplest form of IT outsourcing. As distinct from permanent support under agreement this scheme allows receiving the service only in case of acute necessity, for example, to eliminate certain problem or execute one-time scheduled maintenance. There's no need to purchase additional services connected to periodic maintenance.

Open Technologies has developed competence in service support and IT outsourcing. Our service centers personnel are highly qualified specialists attested by the largest world manufacturers of IT equipment and having unique knowledge.

Our portfolio includes wide range of one-time services such as:

  • Development and implementation of optimum solutions on construction of IT system (optimization of expenses of operating IT subdivisions, development of IT service provision and support standards, introduction of innovative and effective technologies)
  • Introduction of IT management processes (development of IT management model, adaptation and introduction of IT service provision and support processes according to ITIL, development of regulations, trainings for personnel, IT changes management)
  • Risk management (risk assessment and management for IT system operation aimed to minimize the risks, IT projects risk assessment and management aimed to achieve results in effective way)
  • Service Desk organization (software installation and setting, trainings, development of regulations, process organization)
  • Repairs and settings of users' working stations, technical maintenance of peripheral equipment (maintenance and repairs of PCs, replacement of combustibles and spares, cleaning and repairs of monitors, printers, scanners, copying machines, faxes and other office appliances, installation and settings of system and office software)
  • Information system operation optimization (including information system efficiency improving, solutions for interconnections of platforms, one-time administration of application programming, backup planning and organization).

Based on real client's needs we propose optimum solution and flexible pricing. Goodwill and conscientious attitude to work allow us to establish mutually beneficial long-term relations with our customers.