Checking Correspondence to Regulations, Internal Rules and Legislation

Enhancement of management efficiency in state or commercial organization is always connected to development of information systems, namely possibility to process and store more and more information which can be the object of legal relations. At this, access to this information is limited according to requirements of the RF federal laws, and requirements on information protection in case of its volume growth is made more stricter by state controllers.

Partial non-compliance or non-compliance with compulsory requirements on limited access information protection can lead to administrative fines or total arrest of the organization performance. That is why the state requires confirming compliance to provisions of the RF federal laws on information protection.

Open Technologies will help you to undergo this procedure of confirmation of compliance with requirements aimed to protect limited access information stipulated by state regulatory documents including special industry ones:

  • Protection of personal data (FL no. 152)
  • Protection of commercial secret (FL no. 98)
  • Compliance to requirements of STO BR IBBS
  • Protection of information in the national payment system (FL no. 161)
  • Information protection assurance in the key information infrastructure systems
  • Assurance of organizational and technical information protection measures in state establishments
  • Information security management system (ISO/IEC 27000)

We have obtained licenses of the FSB of Russia and FSTEC of Russia allowing activity in the field of technical information protection. We offer services on:

  • audit of the current information protection system state to check compliance with requirements of state regulatory documents and industry standards;
  • design and commissioning of mechanisms on improvement of information protection system.

We will help you to:

  • construct IS systems complying with regulatory requirements;
  • ensure personal data security;
  • get ready to attestation of automated systems according to the RF legislation requirements;
  • organize commercial secret measures at the enterprise.

The project solutions for state and commercial organizations offered by Open Technologies include the following information protection tools:

  • identity management;
  • access management;
  • firewalls and communication channel protection;
  • antivirus protection;
  • intrusion analysis, detection and prevention tools;
  • Security Information Event Management, Event Log Management for Compliance;
  • control of protection and correspondence to policies;
  • analytical IS systems (CyberArk, SkyBox, AlgoSec, etc.);
  • single sign-on systems;
  • strong (multifactor) authentication systems.

We have all necessary intellectual and industrial recourses to solve complex tasks of information security system construction in compliance with regulatory requirements. Our service package includes pre-design inspection, system development and design, integration and interfacing with existing information infrastructure, installation and execution of acceptance tests as well as service and technical support, providing optimal and continuous work of the system.