Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Generally speaking the Business continuity plan is a complex of measures aimed to reduce adverse consequences of emergency situation (the act of God, fire, power outages, etc.) for the business allowing recovery of technological and business processes in the shortest possible time.

Researches show that absence of worked-out measures on business continuity leads to increase of financial losses connected to emergency and in some cases can even lead to long financial crisis, seriously affect the company reputation and business as a whole. Despite the desire to minimize financial risks, some organizations can also be forced to establish business continuity plan due to legal requirements and recommendations of industry regulatory bodies.

With the development of information technologies successful implementation of business processes depends on IT systems and IT infrastructure used in it. Consequently, creation of IT infrastructure ensuring high availability and minimum period of application and data recovery is one of the cornerstones of the business continuity plan.

Open Technologies provides the whole range of services on the organization business continuity.

IT consulting services:

  • Audit of existing plans and procedures of business continuity plan (if any)
  • Analysis of business processes, audit of risks, assessment of possible threat implementation consequences; detection of the recovery time objective and recovery point objective (RTO/RPO)
  • Development of business continuity plan - disaster recovery plan (DRP)
  • Trainings for the personnel in charge of the organization business continuity
  • Assistance in preparation to certification according to the British BS 25999 standard

System integration services:

  • Introduction of complex IT solutions required to implement the disaster recovery and business continuity plans such as:
    • geographically distributed disaster-safe DPCs;
    • high availability cluster systems for critical applications;
    • fail-safe data storage systems;
    • data backup systems;
    • virtual user workstations (to ensure possibility of work from home in case when the office is unavailable).
  • Maintenance support for the whole range of solutions offered.
  • Safe storage and operative replacement of IT hardware in case of emergency.

With our services you will be able to:

  • minimize the organization financial losses connected to emergencies thus ensuring safety of money invested by the owners and shareholders;
  • ensure compliance with the field regulatory requirements;
  • improve company image and create a foundation for long-term development.

All BCP organizational and technical solutions will be developed with due account to individual characteristics of the organization business and IT and will meet the acting Russian and global standards.