Disaster Recovery Planning

Any disaster (natural, man-made, etc.) can violate your business normal operation. For a large company no support of critical or vital business process by information system can incur just large expenses. But for rather a small company no actions to ensure information system operation during and after the disaster can lead to the company dissolution.

Full or partial outage of the whole company can also be caused by non-coordinated actions of the personnel; the situation when the technical personnel does not have enough time to localize the problem or when the problem is out of their responsibility.

Effective actions in case of emergencies and disasters can be ensured by Disaster Recovery Plan which is a detailed list of measures and actions to be taken "before", "during" and "after" the emergency situation. It defines notification procedure for managers and responsible employees and includes detailed instructions for executives. All this allows maximum fast operation recovery of the critical information systems and organization services. The Plan reasoning defines to what extent the enterprise (and, particularly, DPC) is ready to emergencies.

Open Technologies having vast successful experience in construction of data centers of different complexity offers services on development of Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

The Disaster Recovery Plan developed by our company will mostly focus on coordination of actions of DPC personnel and its consumers directly involved into the enterprise business processes. The documents will be as brief as possible to exclude ambiguity. Nevertheless, the full-fledged and all round approach to the Plan development will allow you to be sure that you cover maximum possible number of the organization activity aspects.

It is worth to mention that emergency planning is a continuous process. Under conditions when the company shall improve it is also necessary to improve mechanisms regarding negative factors which can affect the company development.

Open Technologies will ensure the Plan updating and its further development according to changes of your business