Introduction of MIS for Medical and Prophylactic Institutions (MPI) and Clinics

Open Technologies and RAMS Topical Commission on Medicine and Biology Informatics acting as consultant offer intellectual integrated system (iMIS) fully satisfying information and management needs of medical organizations and ensuring horizontal and vertical connections.

iMIS integrates information needs of the medical and prophylactic institution departments (doctors), Obligatory Health Insurance Fund (OHIF), ROHIF, requests, orders and decrees of the departments, MPH and MPHSD and on this basis ensures support of solutions of the head doctor according to criteria of stability and/or organization and manager operation quality.

The basis of the MPI system (iMIS) is the doctor's intellectual workstation (iBoleet).

iBoleet is a hardware and software complex including standard monitoring system (optionally checked), ultrasound (optional), thermodilution (option), infusion pump (option), artificial respiration unit, video cameras, communications, servers, mobile communication and control devices. The focus of the iBoleet data integration is the head doctor AWS. All information defined by the head doctor's functions is forwarded to the head doctor's AWS. The information represents the MPI real-time information model.

iBoleet is an effective information and control system improving the medicine quality, reducing complications, supporting solutions of the head doctor, department heads and physicians.

For many years iBoleet and iMIS have been ensuring efficiency of treatment of severe illnesses, particularly, cardiovascular diseases and, to a lesser degree, chronic cardiac failures. The results are detailed in professional clinic and technical publications.

Principally new possibilities of iBoleet are detected in diagnostics and treatment of chronic cardiac failures, coronary disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, dilated cardiomyopathy, arrhythmia, failures, aneurisms, recovering therapy, and academic researches.

iMIS details and possibilities

iMIS consists of MPI key employees group AWSs and non-medical information modules:

  • iHEAD - head doctor intellectual AWS;
  • iHISTORY - department head intellectual AWS;
  • iBoleet - physician intellectual AWS.

iMIS bases on the intellectual doctors’ AWSs - iBoleet with wide possibilities of adaptation to MPI specifics, with possibilities of adaptation to new tasks and profile of medical institution.

iBoleet provides information to cardiologists, emergency physicians, anesthesiologists, heart surgeons, intensivists, Ph.D. fellows, attending physicians, physicians taking course of further training, nurses, medical assistants, laboratorians and other specialists directly involved into diagnostics, treatment and preventive treatment of patients (it is possible to adapt to MSI profile).

iHEAD, being the head doctor AWS, implements the following functions:

  • Unification of information needs of MSI departments (doctors), OHIF, ROHIF, requests, orders and decrees of departments, MPH and MPHSD. On this basis iHEAD ensures support of the head doctor solutions according to criteria of stability and/or work quality of organization, its heads, treatment quality and MPH requirements implementation.
  • Providing morning and evening information about state of MPI patients as well as:
  • morning and evening information about consumptions, availability and receipts of medicine, finance, appliances, other resources;
  • weekly information about changes in personnel, claims, etc. as well as mail, MPH decrees, information on the decree implementation records, tasks and violation of liabilities;
  • development of obligatory medical reports.
  • Reflects IS as separate administrative information, such as HR IS, warehouse IS, security IS, etc.
  • In the whole, the head doctor receives all information at the MIS level reflecting MPI work according to functions. If necessary, the information can be displayed and printed.
  • The head doctor and department head account are connected to telemedical network, Internet, TV, including videoconferencing and TM broadcasting.

iHISTORY, being the department head AWS, ensures:

  • morning and evening information about state of patients in the department;
  • morning information about dynamics of consumption and availability of drugs, appliances, etc.;
  • morning information about resource consumption and receipt balance;
  • registration of medical personnel actions;
  • submission of mail, head doctor's orders, reports and order implementation periods, tasks and function violations;
  • development of obligatory medical accounts, etc.

iBoleet, being the physician's AWS, ensures:

  • choice of recommendations from official publications of the global medical society;
  • synthesis of individual, best suiting therapy for every person with severe diseases suffering from combinatorial disability (according to criteria "fail of the vital functions of body");
  • control of the patient's state, continuous check and response correction of the therapy result, correction of all therapy procedures (measurement tolerances, model adequacy, detection of the major pathological process, etc.);
  • continuous assessment of diagnosis and treatment procedure quality, treatment (operation) stages and final result (if necessary);
  • preventive imitation of therapy options for patients with individual particularities;
  • automated creation and archiving of electronic patient record (EPR), electronic patient card (EPC), personal electronic card (PECR);
  • preparation of all data, graphs, images, etc. to be submitted to doctor (user) and archived;
  • remote on-line contact with the patient to control prescription implementation;
  • integration of all patient's documents – APH, EPR, EPC, PECR, etc. ensuring electronic record and refusal of paper documents;
  • security of patient's and doctor's personal data;
  • electronic reference listing drugs, electronic reference recommendations of nosology, online contact with MPI personnel, with mobile terminals.

iMIS can be supplied as

  • iMIS for MPIs (iMIS); fixed intellectual doctor's AWSs; iBoleet comprising MIS and iMIS for MPIs;
  • portable intellectual AWSs (iBoleet) of portable complexes and/or comprising MIS;
  • unique intellectual AWS for patients (iBoleet)

iMIS corresponds to requirements and methodological recommendations of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development; has integrated tools to ensure reliability, security and scaling; possibilities to focus on SaaS, crowd sourcing, interoperability when transmitting information from iBoleet, APH, MIS, iMIS, IS OHIF, iMIS IS ROHIF, IS MPH, UIS into iMIS and vice versa.

The cost of iMIS integration is lower than average market cost as far as the system is ready to use and does not require modifications. It is just necessary to adapt it to the MPI specifics, profile and requirements. iMIS adaptation to specific clinic requirements is ensured in reasonable time and its cost is included into the introduction cost.

iMIS integration specifics:

  • turn-key introduction;
  • integration with existing MPI MIS maintaining heritage as much as possible;
  • time for updating, introduction, maintenance depend on volume and clinic specifics.

Open Technologies offers introduction of iMIS together with Scientific Center n.a. A.N. Bakoulev, first to create and introduce intellectual doctor support system. The Center has been using, updating and improving the system for 40 years. Upon introduction of iMIS Open Technologies work in close contact with customers, consult with Bakoulev Center for Cardiovascular Surgery (Bakoulev CCVS), Russian and international companies, IS suppliers.