Creation of Integrated Security System for Retail Trade Networks

Open Technologies offers services on creation of integrated security system for retail trade networks.

This solution ensures implementation of the whole complex of tasks of the trade enterprises security: video monitoring of sales area, control of cashier operations, organization of the unified security system for all trade network objects, interaction of security and technological equipment, point-of-sale terminals within the unified integrated security system.


Introduction of the ISS allows solving the following tasks:

1. Video monitoring of sales areas and internal premises, entrance groups and cashier passes, goods storages and package rooms and adjacent external areas:

  • prevention of conflicts and hazards at the entrances/ exits: queues, flocks;
  • security of vehicles at the parking lots;
  • control of safety and prevention of moving of the shopping trolleys out of the territory, etc.

2. Video recording: development of video archive of all people entering the outlet, face-control. Registration of all people captured by the camera, their detection, saving in the data base and, if necessary, further identification.

3. Video monitoring of customers in sales area:

  • registration of violations such as theft of the customers' personal items, theft and spoilage of goods or hardware;
  • providing data for operative measures of the security officers and prevention of the situation undesirable development;
  • remote control of cameras to receive the entire gamut;
  • prevention - not every abuser will violate rules if he knows about the video monitoring in the sales area.

4. Control of cashiers' work:

  • detection of fraud at cash-stalls - false returns of goods, handing out of unpaid goods to accomplices, manipulations with the clients' credit cards, baseless discounts, unscanned sales, etc.;
  • alignment of video information received from cameras installed above the points-of-sale and text reports about cashier operations, titrimetry of the check contents (time, name, price, number of goods) with video, synchronization of video and results of cashier reports and simultaneous replay of video and detailed report in the current cashier's checks, saving in the archive;
  • receipt of data necessary to assess the cashier's work, analysis of mistakes in calculations: information about openings of money box, conflict situations, impossibility to read the bar code when paying for certain goods, etc.

5. Control of the shop assistant's work:

  • detection of goods theft cases;
  • control of quality and prompt attention to clients;
  • receipt of data necessary to analyze disputes with customers;
  • control of the situation out of hours.

6. Record and control of loading works and goods acceptance, entrances/exits of vehicles, delivered goods and security of vehicles located at the parking lot or adjacent territory, warehouse and logistic complexes:

  • video monitoring of exits/entrances of vehicles, their unloading, actions of personnel;
  • automatic registration of entering/exiting transport: recording of number, date, time of vehicle entrance, other parameters in the video data base;
  • comparing data about vehicle entrance and exit.

7. Tracking of object movements, tracking of targets, settings to detect objects with certain parameters, setting of sections of the camera view, control of time to detect objects left.

8. Access control in personnel facilities and at the trade network objects territory.

9. Integration of theft prevention systems and visitor count systems, notification system.

10. Application of macrocommand and script mechanism to set complex mechanisms of hardware interaction, fine tuning for the response of one subsystem in case of activation of another subsystem.

11. Daily performance record and control, photo-identification, access control department.

12. Organization of unified security system for territorially distributed objects of the trade network:

  • remote access to data and remote work with ISS using communication networks supporting TCP/IP protocol, including standard web-browser;
  • organization of the required number of workstations and centralized data repository;
  • delimitation of data access rights and work with system for different user categories.

13. Integration and interaction within the unified complex:

  • access monitoring and control systems to ensure differentiated passage of personnel, customers into different premises of the outlet;
  • security and fire alarm systems and supporting systems to process data received from technological sensors, fire sensors, smoke removal sensors, lighting systems, power and climate sensors, etc.
  • operational communication and notification systems to ensure immediate action of the security officers, security police departments, police departments, security agencies;
  • engineering protection means (turnpikes, stiles) to ensure their reaction in case of certain events.

With integrated security system you will receive:

  • reduced expenses of the retail trade enterprises;
  • reduced total cost of ownership of the security system;
  • increased revenues and enhanced performance of the trade enterprise;
  • security of visitors and personnel, trade process;
  • preservation of property and goods;
  • collection of statistics, information about attendance, customers' preferences;
  • improved labor discipline and customer service quality;
  • creation of safe working environment;
  • prevention of conflicts;
  • prevention of the main causes of financial losses;
  • prevention of the main threats:
    • thefts and robberies;
    • embezzlement and financial frauds by personnel;
    • thefts by customers;
    • prevention of losses, protection against intrusion and fire.

Open Technologies executes the whole range of works: pre-design inspection, designing, supply, hardware and software installation, integration. Our Competency Center allows modeling work situations and typical user actions thus contributing to planning and construction, detection of the solution narrow points.