Basic and Advanced Technical Support

Any high-technology equipment has a range of peculiarities which can cause inconvenience in day-to-day commercial activities and often lead to full stop of business activities.

Along with after-sales service, Open Technologies offers a range of services on technical support.

Our portfolio is intended to cover all processes of support and operation of IT systems allowing you to focus on achievement of the company business objectives.

We realize that various hardware and software have different effect on the business and require certain interference of specialists, so we offer the following support service programs:

  • basic technical support;
  • advanced technical support;

Basic criteria of the mentioned technical support programs can be chosen individually for each business client. However, the standard parameters are the following:

Basic technical support

Advanced technical support

Time of service provisioning

Working days in working hours (8x5)

24x7, including holidays and week ends

Technical consultations

Included without limitations

Included without limitations

Response time

From 1 hour (depending on hardware and software manufacturer)

From 30 minutes (depending on hardware and software manufacturer; request priority applies)

Remote diagnostics

Included (only when the customer has remote access)

Included (incl. setting of customer's remote access if not present)

Arrival of specialist

Not included (option)

Included only for repair (option for diagnostics)

Replacement of faulty equipment (equipment part)

Included; delivery time depends on availability of SPTA in stock

Included (term for recovery of equipment operation can be guaranteed from 6 hours depending on hardware and software manufacturer)

Access to patches, release, updates



Service manager

Not provided


Whichever variant of technical support you choose you get access to the advanced service practices and highest competence of Open Technologies experts ensuring solution of the most difficult issues of system maintenance and operation.